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Mario Galea for NetCom, ready “to serve and support all my locals to develop themselves to their full potential”

Mario Galea (AEGEE-Valletta) is an experienced member who became subcommissioner for NetCom Mattia Abis last year. Now, he is running for the Network Commission of AEGEE, showing a strong passion “to serve and to protect”, as the NetCom’s motto says, and help with the development of his locals. The AEGEEan got to know Mario Galea better, while he shared his… Read more →

Local of the Month AEGEE-Udine: “Knowledge transfer is the most important task of our local”

And the Local of the Month of July is…. AEGEE-Udine. Located in north-east of Italy, AEGEE-Udine “in the last months was the most dynamic within my area (Italian speaking locals, AEGEE-Valletta and Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Lugano ed.), and probably in the whole Network” quoting the words of Mattia Abis, Network Commissioner (AEGEE-Cagliari). We spoke with the President Alberto De… Read more →

Autumn NWM Faraway, so Close: My first time in Foggia

Claudio Armandi, still at that time Network Commissioner, decided to organise the Autumn Network Meeting (NWM) before Autumn Agora Zaragoza so all the Italian-speaking and Maltese locals could gather together in Foggia. This was a first-time for the Apulian Contact of AEGEE-Europe in organising a European event and for most of the participants was also their first time in the… Read more →

The curious case of an Italian Netcommie in Germany

After serving as President in his local (AEGEE-Napoli) and as Subcommie in the Network Commission (NetCom) for a year, Claudio Armandi feels that becoming Network Commissioner is the most natural step, as he mentions in his candidature. In this interview, Claudio discusses his experiences, plans, goals and motivations. The AEGEEan: Being a Subcommissioner for one year, you should have learned… Read more →

A New Rainbow over the Rainbow

It’s nine months already that I’m walking down the streets of the Rainbow. No I’m not daydreaming neither I’m under drug effect. I’m talking about the roads that connect the Italian speaking locals. These roads have always been tough, tortuous and full of obstacles; the Network Commissioners’ (NetCommies) work here has not always been a piece of cake. Hard work… Read more →