From The AEGEEan photographer to AEGEE fair manager: Léa Charlet

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Léa Charlet is no stranger to AEGEE and no stranger to The AEGEEan since she used her great photographer skills during Agora Enschede and Agora Budapest for the magazine. However, for EBM Valletta Léa will have to put the camera aside just a bit because she will be busy focusing on the AEGEE fair for which she has become responsible of.

Léa is 23 old from Versailles but has been part of AEGEE-Paris for quite a while and she is also the president of that particular French antenna. Now she is doing her Erasmus in Bologna. She will have the same tasks as former AEGEE fair responsibles have had in the past Agorae, the only thing different is that she has less people to think about.

The AEGEEan: Congratulations on being selected fair manager, why did you chose to apply for the position?

Léa: I saw the open call first, but didn’t think I was suited for it. Later, the secretary general of the Comité Directeur Lucille Rieux talked to me about it, and kind of convinced me to apply for it.

I take it as a way to learn new things, since I never did something like that before.

How does it make you feel to know that you’ve been selected?

Stressed, because I don’t want to mess up, so until the fair is finished and successful I could not be really happy or proud about it.

2012 has been quite an active year for you and you still continue in 2013 – what drives you to do so many things for AEGEE?

A lot of things, but especially to meet different and interesting people, and there’s a lot of them in AEGEE. Every new project drives you to work or to know new people. I only hope to be able to do everything for my studies.

The AEGEE fair has been struggling to get attention from participants of the Agora, do you have any ideas how to attract them to the fair?

I have some ideas but we didn’t talk about it yet with Anna Gots (CD responsible for the fair red.). One of them is maybe to have a drawing competition on a huge paper on a wall in the area of the fair, however, since we don’t know yet the exact configuration of the room I can’t tell if it will be possible.

What are the next steps for you in the preparation of the fair?

I’m writing the open call for the bodies of AEGEE, which will be sent during this week.


The AEGEEan would like to congratulate Léa on being selected as  fair manager and wish her good luck with her preparations.

Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-København

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