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AEGEE-Leuven’s Days Without Meat at Its Second Edition. Are You Up For the Challenge?

Can you imagine your life without meat? Have you tried becoming a vegetarian for a few days or even more, a week? Didn’t you feel much lighter, healthier and stronger at the same time? If you haven’t tried it yet, AEGEE-Leuven gives you the best opportunity to challenge yourself. Being at its second edition, “Days without Meat” is trying to… Read more →

Public Relations Committee on organising the AEGEE Fair with a modern look

Let’s be honest. One of the favourite moments during the Agora is the Fair and this year the Public Relations Committee teamed together to deliver another amazing Fair. The AEGEEan interviewed them to discover the plans they have. The AEGEEan: Can you tell us a little bit more about the team? PRC Fair Team: The active and enthusiastic team of… Read more →

The Sports Working Group Board Looking Back at a Year of Challenges

The Sports Working Group (SWG) is preparing for this autumn by encouraging antennae to take part in interesting events such as the MOVE Week and Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) while also preparing for Autumn Agora Zaragoza and the upcoming elections for the SWG. In this interview the members look back on the last year.   Sabina Begic has… Read more →

EBM Valletta gets the patrimony of the President of the Republic H.E. Dr. George Abela

It has been a while since we published news about EBM Valletta so The AEGEEan grabbed the opportunity to have a little chat with one of the main coordinators, Bernice Saliba, about the process so far. When asked about how it is going with the organisation, the answer is that the organisers have now formed the teams with sub-commissions and… Read more →

AEGEE Fairies Getting Ready for Autumn Agora Budapest

At Spring Agora Enschede, The AEGEEan editor Patricia Anthony received the nickname ”AEGEE fairy” by fellow editor of The AEGEEan, Szabó Kata. A nickname that will stick, since she is taking up the challenge again. But this time, she will be joined by former “fairy” and current Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe, Anna Gots, as well as by the new “fairy” in town,… Read more →

Go to the AEGEE fair!

ACT will be there, PRC will be there, EaP will be there, but the question is: “Will you be there?”. All these abbreviations might create a question mark in your mind. “What is EaP?”, “What is PRC?”, “What is ACT?” are all questions that you could be left with right now. How can you find the answer? Go to the… Read more →