CD Telegram December 2012

December is always the shortest but brightest month of the year. Everyone is preparing for the assessment of the year, finishing the yearly plans and getting ready for the joyful holiday season.

It was not different in the headoffice either, we spent the last days at home with our families and friends, but it does not mean that the first days were not just as busy as the previous ones since September.

The beginning of December started with the autumn’s last NWM in the Caucasus where Miguel represented the Comite Directeur. After his return to Brussels, we had a fruitful meeting and training with the Policy Officers, in course of which we visited for instance the EMI, Euractiv and ONE beside  the weekend long sessions. During this weekend, Pavel was at the Summer University Coordination Team’s meeting.

If  it’s the last month of the year, then it’s General Mailing and Christmas Party. Lucille and Kathrin visited Delft from where they have sent the Key to Europes to the locals and the season’s greetings to the partners with the help of AEGEE-Delft. The week before leaving the house, we organised Christmas gatherings.

The Comite Directeur would like to wish you a prosperous new year full of successful AEGEE moments!


 Anna Gots (Financial Director) and Beata Matuszka (Network and Human Resources Director) [youtube]


Kathrin Renner (Vice President and External Relations Director) and Lucille Rieux (Secretary General) [youtube]


Miguel Gallardo Albajar (Projects Director) and Pavel Zbornik (European Institutions and Communications Director)



Luis Alvarado Martinez (President) [youtube]