CD Telegram January 2013

This Telegram is not only special because it is a true new year edition, but also because it was written in the new house (even though half of the videos were shot in the old house, the other half in the new one already).

Even though it can be frequently heard at the beginning of our videos that “it was a busy month”, we felt not only mental, but physical tiredness by the end of the month, due to the moving of decades of AEGEE history.

But beside the courageous change of the headoffice, we did many more things as well, in order to keep AEGEE on track and even to go beyond every current limits.

This was the month of the extremely active EBM preparation and the kick-off meeting for the European Parliament elections of 2014 has also taken place in January. Moreover, all of us were working on Youth in Action and different applications.

In this month, Luis and Lucille went to Paris to meet the Advisor of European Affairs of M. Hollande. Besides, the preparation for Health 4 Youth press conference has already started, so as for the spring Network Meetings.

What else happened this month? You can check them in the videos!


Luis Alvarado Martinez (President)



Pavel Zbornik (European Institutions and Communications Director)



Miguel Gallardo Albajar (Projects Director)



Anna Gots (Financial Director), Beata Matuszka (Network and Human Resources Director), Kathrin Renner (Vice President and External Relations Director) and Lucille Rieux (Secretary General)