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Six Things Aegeeans Always Say

Members of AEGEE… these legendary creatures with their own rituals that they might be as a sect (minus the mystic leader). We are aware that we use a different language full of abbreviations: CT, KT, PT, PM, CM, NWM, EPM, JC, CD etc., but we also repeat some sentences, to us or to strangers. Here are six things that we… Read more →

Local of the Month AEGEE-Zaragoza: “A Perfect Cocktail of Fun”

AEGEE-Zaragoza was chosen as the Local of the Month of December. However, with so many locals to choose from, what did this enthusiastic local from the northeast of Spain do to earn it, and what are its  plans for the future? AEGEE-Zaragoza explains.   The AEGEEan: Could you tell us something about your local? AEGEE-Zaragoza: AEGEE Zaragoza is a very active… Read more →

What if youth could participate directly in EU decisions?

This was the question that we wanted to debate at the conference held by AEGEE on June 5th and 6th in the European Parliament, where different Belgian and European NGOs had the opportunity to discuss the possibilities for Co-Management in the European institutions, together with representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and its Advisory Council on Youth,… Read more →

Who rules the Internet?

With this article I would like to bring to you closer one topic which affects us every day; it is the magical Internet. Did you ever ask yourself the question what is behind the phenomenon that makes you be able to connect with all your friends across the world? Now I don’t refer to a technical point of view, which… Read more →

Events Committee 101

Some of you never might never have heard about the Events Committee, and those who have might have no knowledge about what it is and why it is necessary. If you are interested, then continue reading.  The EvC (Events Committee) is not a new born committee – it was founded in June of 2011 with the aim to improve the… Read more →

Let’s be serious about AEGEE’s fun identity!

Why should we accept “fun” not as a collateral damage, but as a legitimate method of European integration, and how this could even improve AEGEE’s external image? “Sex, Drugs, and European Nights – and, uhhm, what else is AEGEE about? Oh yeah, we do exchange. And projects. And mutual understanding stuff, and actually even peace-building, they say! We have an office in… Read more →