Mateusz Dokurno for Network Commission

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Mateusz Dokurno is candidating for Netcom, so we interviewed him for you. Keep reading and find out more!

The AEGEEan: So, would you tell us more about your academic formation? How would this help you as a future Netcommie?

Mateusz: My fields of study are really unusual, because computer science and econometrics has really nothing in common with journalism and social communication. I think someone with the IT skills will be very useful to finally refresh the vision of the web-page of the Network Commission and start to use its great potential.

What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

Contrary to appearances, it’s quite a difficult question for an active member of AEGEE. You have to be able to manage your time well in order to have time for any hobbies. Fortunately I usually manage to find time for reading books or traveling, especially hitchhiking. I really recommend hitchhiking, not only for AEGEE-events! I’m writing these words in advance of my 2500 km trip to Zaragoza, which will begin on Sunday at dawn.
What changes will you make in case you get elected?
Change is always a difficult subject, especially if you need to answer such a general question. The biggest problems usually arise simply from the reluctance to change and it will also be my goal for the next 12 months – optimism and cheerful look into the future. In addition, of course things I mentioned in my candidacy: LTC in all locals, strengthening my Network, the development of communication and interaction between antennae, special attention to the smaller and weaker locals, further work to improve the quality and attractiveness of the Network Meetings in my Network and the promotion of all exciting activities taking place at European Level.
What do you mean by remodelling the concept of the Network Meeting and how do you intend to change that?
For the ordinary AEGEEan from Europe, Poland is associated with the national level and giant Network Meetings for 200 totally wasted participants, without interesting workshops. I think it’s a very unfair opinion, however there are fields that need to be improved, though the concept is still developing. There is a really great human resource in my area and the members of the different locals hold a great relationship with each other, which results in really great and professional projects. It’s time for these people with really valuable ideas to come more to the front and show their great potential. Right now I would like to invite all AEGEE members to Zabrze for Network Meeting Silesia 2014 organized together by AEGEE-Gliwice and AEGEE-Katowice in the first weekend of April, which for sure will be a momentous event in the calendar of AEGEE, also because of its quality and professionalism.
Is there anything you would like to add?

It was a really great idea to create additional slots only for questions to the candidates, I really look forward to that! I would like to wish good luck to all candidates. See you in Zaragoza!

Written by Cosmina Bisboaca, AEGEE-Torino

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