Introducing the Pool of Representatives of AEGEE-Europe

For the first time in AEGEE history, the Pool of Representatives (PoR) that can speak on behalf of the Comité Directeur and represent AEGEE externally has been created. The PoR consists of 17 AEGEE members who share motivation, significant experience and sufficient knowledge about the organisation to be capable of giving a proper image of AEGEE towards various external stakeholders.

As a part of the Activity Plan for the upcoming year to create more expertise outside the Comité Directeur, it had issued an open call looking for members who are motivated to become “the faces of AEGEE”. Out of more than 30 candidates who applied, the CD finally selected 17 people taking into account their profiles, expertise, geographical location and nationality. These people constituting the new structure within AEGEE – PoR are going to represent AEGEE at conferences, meetings, projects and on other occasions which are important for the organisation to be present at the times when the CD lacks human resources to attend these events itself.

For the period of 2013-2014 the CD has chosen and Agora in Zaragoza ratified the PoR that includes following members:

  • Selin Sivis (AEGEE-Ankara);
  • Turgut Tosun (AEGEE-Ankara);
  • Ivan Bielik (AEGEE-Brno);
  • Roland Papp (AEGEE-Budapest);
  • Benjamin Feyen (AEGEE-Dusseldorf);
  • Paul Smits (AEGEE-Enschede);
  • Mert Can (AEGEE-Istanbul);
  • Karolina Mazetyte (AEGEE-Kaunas);
  • Aleksandra Kluczka (AEGEE-Krakow);
  • Sandra Oborska (AEGEE-Krakow);
  • Jorge Miguel (AEGEE-León);
  • Mathieu Soete (AEGEE-Leuven / AEGEE-Enschede);
  • Claudio Armandi (AEGEE-Napoli);
  • Nicola Guida (AEGEE-Napoli);
  • Louise Pahisa (AEGEE-Paris);
  • Diana Ondza (AEGEE-Riga);
  • Mayri Tiido (AEGEE-Tartu).

It is certainly true that each member of the Pool is excited about the opportunity to make AEGEE’s external image and feels honoured having this trust from the Comité Directeur. “When you are out, you are all the President of AEGEE-Europe. The highest representative towards the organisation. … make us proud, and you will carry on going to even higher level events.”  were the encouraging words of Luis Alvarado Martinez, the president of AEGEE-Europe, towards the newly created PoR. The PoR commits their performance to be exemplary and to make the network proud!

The first time the PoR was ‘functioning’ was the Presidents’ Meeting of BEST in Brno (Czech Republic) attended by Ivan Bielik. Nicola Guida visited the World Forum on Democracy and Paul Smits was at the European Movement International Council Meeting. After coming back from the conference, Ivan concluded: “I did enjoy the representation of AEGEE-Europe at the BEST Presidential Meeting very much. I really appreciate the trust CD gave me with this task. I had the possibility to observe how other student/youth NGOs work and to meet new people as well.” The PoR is looking forward to attending more events and increase AEGEE’s visibility around Europe!

Written by Diana Ondza, AEGEE-Riga