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Réka Salamon for President of AEGEE-Europe: “Question the status quo – and be the network of change-makers that AEGEE is meant to be”

Former Projects Director and current President of AEGEE-Europe Réka Salamon, from AEGEE-Aachen and AEGEE-Debrecen, is an active AEGEEan since 2011. She has covered many different areas of the association and now she is running for a second term as President of AEGEE-Europe. We reached out to her for this interview and also asked her the questions we received from the Network. The… Read more →

Fabrizio Bellicano for Member of the Comité Directeur: “Work means achieving the objectives set: why not have fun during it?”

As a professional developer, Fabrizio Bellicano from AEGEE-Genova has been very active on all IT-related aspects of AEGEE-Europe since 2014. But his commitment does not end there: he was among the organisers of EPM Zagreb and is a member of the newly revived Human Resources Committee. Now he is candidating as member of the Comité Directeur, and we interviewed him… Read more →

Adonis Meggos for the Comité Directeur: “Better Internal Communication and Rebuilding our Recruiting Policy”

Here you have one of the candidates for the Comité Directeur: Adonis Meggos, from AEGEE-Peiraias. He is the project manager for the Drinkwise project, the financial manager for Your Vision for EUrope, moderator of the Migration Interest Group and active member of the Language Interest Group, and now he would like to put forward some ideas about statutory events. He is ready to… Read more →

Marco Daniele for Member of the Comité Directeur: “I believe AEGEE has a bright future: in the upcoming years of political and social confusion, we’ll find the chance to become an example for Europe”

“All of my AEGEE experience can be resumed with these two words: local level. I am a proud member of the process that took an almost dead local to be one of the strongest antennae in our area and I took part in almost every single task in doing that.” This summarises the impression that Marco Daniele from AEGEE-Torino left… Read more →

CD on Track on The Way Back: AEGEE-Heidelberg and AEGEE-Düsseldorf

Soon upon my arrival from Passau to Heidelberg, I was welcomed by Viola (from Your Vision For Europe) and Mareike (from the Network Commission). They showed me the beautiful city of Heidelberg, and after having lunch with them, we joined an evening meeting with the members of AEGEE-Heidelberg. All members that were present at the meeting shared their experiences and impression… Read more →

CD on Track On the Way Back: München, Stuttgart and Mannheim

Day 15 – 16 – 17– München, Stuttgart and Mannheim (1st – 3rd March)   As we tried to cover as many locals as possible, CD on Track continued with three completely different routes after EPM Zagreb, and my first stop was München after spending a day in Zvonimir’s hometown and enjoying his family’s great hospitality. Starting with a very early… Read more →