The EuroArab Project Goes Tunisia

Would you like to find out the story behind the “révolution heureuse”? Do you know whose slogan is “Liberty, Order, Justice”? Or you have travelled the whole Europe at the age of twenty-something (which is actually not impossible if you are an AEGEEan), and you are extremely eager to discover something new? If your response to any of these questions is yes, keep reading.

At the moment when various forms of civil disobedience are in progress on our continent (no matter whether you consider them demonstrations, revolutions, or something else), it is so intriguing to see what it looks like when one of them successfully finishes. There were different socio-cultural reasons for which Tunisia was a special case of the Arab Spring. Full Internet access, closeness to Europe (not only geographically), a big percentage of high-educated, but unemployed young people are only one of them. Since every AEGEEan supports taking an action instead of only complaining on social networks, this is an awesome opportunity to meet young people who actually did so. Undoubtedly, we can learn from them as much as they can from us.

The event takes place from 11th until 18th of May, with a 140 euros fee, including: accommodation in a hostel, three meals per day, transportation inside Tunisia and entrance fees to all the places visited as the part of the programme.

The programme provides you with activities exploring both the modern and conservative sides of Tunisia, meetings with members of different Tunisian NGOs, discussions about the Tunisian revolution and the Arab Spring, visits to religious and historic sites, as well as diferent cultural activities.

If none of the above reasons have convinced you to apply yet, feel free to check Facebook pages of EuroArab Project of AEGEE- Europe, or simply of the event itself. Of course, unless the wonderful photos taken personally by our HR Responsible Mariem Ben Ltaifa do not manage to seduce you before that.

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Written by Lana Tomić, AEGEE-Zagreb