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The EuroArab Project Goes Tunisia

Would you like to find out the story behind the “révolution heureuse”? Do you know whose slogan is “Liberty, Order, Justice”? Or you have travelled the whole Europe at the age of twenty-something (which is actually not impossible if you are an AEGEEan), and you are extremely eager to discover something new? If your response to any of these questions… Read more →

AEGEE-Budapest organizes the Arab Week

If you’ve heard of the Arab minority in Europe, Hungary might not be the country that first comes to mind, but there is a minority in Budapest. When the Euroarab project team approached AEGEE-Budapest about organising an event, the first thought was that it would be a good opportunity to organise open lectures for externals (potential members). While brainstorming on… Read more →

The EuroArab team shakes hands – Part I

What started as a mysterious attraction has developed into clear ideas about cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance, getting to know each other, and overcoming stereotypes. Like a meeting of eyes that could create a new impression, like a vigorous handshake hoping to form a long lasting friendship, and like small talk that leads to an intelligent, deep conversation, the EuroArab project… Read more →

Above us, the same sky

After the historical result of the vote during the last General Assembly of the United Nations held on the 28th November 2012, a possible new chapter opened in the history of the Middle East. With an overwhelming majority, the United Nations welcomed the Palestinian Authority as “Non-member observer State”, upgrading it from the previous status of “entity”, and in this way implicitly recognising Palestine… Read more →

Please, stereotype me!

I am not a writer and I am certainly not a political analyst. I am just a concerned civil activist interested in the field of the intercultural dialogue, conflict resolution and breaking stereotypes. For the last five years, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people from different nations, religions, languages, thoughts and beliefs, but with one… Read more →

EuroArab MAC Krakow

Media, Arabs, culture, fun and so many experiences. I do not even know how to start. I will just say that everything was so good and lovely that it took me some time to come back to everyday reality and write this article. An article about an amazing week spent in Krakow during the EuroArab Project. An explosive mixture of… Read more →