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After many changes to the initial plan, moving from one local to another and lots of discussions, the Spring Network Meeting was announced to be organized by AEGEE-Lviv, who organized the NWM a year ago too. To be honest, there were no discussions anymore, only happiness that this event would finally happen. It was important for our Network to meet and discuss many issues, due to the situation in Ukraine. Despite having not as many participants as could be, the event was just as amazing, as this time quality beat quantity!


More than fifteen AEGEEans from Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Çanakkale and even Las Palmas gathered in the hostel at the Market Square, the heart of Leopolis, on the 16th of May. It was Friday and the weather was just perfect (at that exact moment, as it rains every few hours in Lviv). Everyone, those who had been to Lviv before and those who were there for the first time, already felt like at home. There is something about this charming city: you don’t want to rush, you do not need to worry and the best thing you can do is to taste a delicious coffee in one of the thousand cafes  and relax. 

Katia Alekseeva, fresh member of AEGEE-Kyiv shares her emotions and memories: “Nine members of AEGEE-Kyiv went to Lviv for the Network Meeting. We spent an incredible time there, and I want to share it with you in order  to join us next time! It was my first European event and my first time in Lviv, so I warn you: you have to suffer a little from my satisfaction.

The program was very fluent, so we didn’t only socialize and have fun, but were also discussing the problems and achievements of our region and sharing ideas and knowledge. The meeting was attended by members from AEGEE-Kyiv, AEGEE-Dnipropetrovsk, AEGEE-Kharkiv, AEGEE-Çanakkale, AEGEE-Las Palmas and also guys from Palermo and Milan who are not yet members of AEGEE (but not for long).

On the first day we visited the press conference at City Hall on the Market Square, where the organizers introduced basic knowledge about our organization and its goals to the participants and the board members of AEGEE -Kyiv and AEGEE-Lviv gave interviews to local journalists. After this, we had a city tour and the official opening in the most beautiful university of our country. During the opening, members had to present their antennas and we can say with a clear conscience that AEGEE-Kyiv was on the top. We also enjoyed the presentations of  AEGEE-Lviv and AEGEE-Dnipropetrovsk.

Saturday was the most efficient day. We spent it at the university from the morning till the evening, interrupting only for lunch, several breaks for coffee or tea and energizers, of course. The day started with a presentation about AEGEE’s structure, history and Working Groups. Than we were talking about the new Visual Identity criteria for AEGEE logos and project planning at an European level. Next to this, we got very interesting information about the HR-Strategy.

We talked about the problems and advantages of our region and created several new solutions and plans for future development of our region. During each session, participants were encouraged to take part in the discussion. Saturday ended in a hot party (I have to trust the words of others, because I wasn’t present there). 

On Sunday we listened to a presentation about the Eastern Partnership, represented by Victoria Horiachko from AEGEE-Lviv, who also is a member of Eastern Partnership Project, and  we learned what took place during Agora Patra from Aleksandra Kluczka, future Comité Directeur. One of the most interesting presentations was prepared by Anna Pykhtina (Smailikova). Anna knows almost everything about Summer Universities, because she is a part of SUCT – Summer University Coordination Team, so she told us how to organize a SU and take part in it with minimum of problems and a  lot of fun.

In conclusion, I would like to say that AEGEE-events always manage to inspire me. After an event I always have a desire to get out of my bed and do something worthy! Despite the fact that sleep is generally something beyond the AEGEE reality, I’m probably dreaming right now!”

Apart from everything mentioned by Katia, I have to agree that the content of this Network Meeting was really seductive and interesting. The program, that contained of several sessions from different speakers – Aleksandra Kluczka, future Comité Directeur, Vira Kakhnych, NetCom and Viktoria Horiachko, Eastern Partnership Project – was wide, exciting and what’s more important, very interactive.

Our NetCom, Vira Kakhnych was really good prepared and her sessions about the HR-circle were really inspired and interactive. As all of the locals presented have different approaches to gain new members it was interesting to listen to the ways they accept newbies and techniques they use to attract them.

Participants were divided into four groups and had to create a HR-strategy to attract four different types of future AEGEEans: Traveler, Careerist, Idealist and Party Animal. We didn’t only have to present  our ideas, but also answer tricky questions from the audience. That’s what I love about NWMs: the possibility to ask, to answer, to doubt and to persuade, to discuss and to find common ideas about anything.

 And the possibility to ask a CD-member about anything – it’s worth going as newbie and as experienced member as well!  The great thing about Network Meetings is sharing, in my opinion. Sharing of experience, sharing of problems and innovative ways – all this is so inspiring that after coming back you rush to the computer full of new ideas and start to work! And this NWM wasn’t an exception, at least for AEGEE-Kyiv members.

Apart from serious things, the parties, food and city were perfect. This event was not like others, as many members know Lviv’s centre and the main places to visit. Most of the participants visited Lviv many times before, that’s why organizers could effort themselves hanging out with participants – and it was more like meeting of good old friends who experienced a lot together. It’s always so nice to come back to the place where people you love will be happy to meet you!


The Network Meeting was indeed the best place for gathering after so many challenging and terrifying events that took place in many Ukrainian cities and still do in the Eastern part of Ukraine. This Network has to be united and strong more than ever and it was really sad that no one from the Russian and Belarus locals could join us.

 However, we know that no matter what happens between politicians, AEGEE-members are trying to stay apart and respect each other opinions, and stay really good friends no matter what.

Written by Anna Smailikova, AEGEE-Kyiv.
Special thanks to Katia Alekseeva (AEGEE-Kyiv) for the pictures. 

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