NetCom Telegram July 2014

It’s already summer and as usually everything slows down in AEGEE. However, the Network Commission had their meeting at the end of June in Budapest. In this NetCom Telegram you can read about what some of the Network Commissioners did during May and June and what was done during the NetCom Meeting.

Ana Potočnik
The last two months of my work were mainly dedicated to knowledge transfer. Even though I talked a lot about the NetCom with Antonija Parat, there were still many things I had to learn. The previous team opened a lot of discussions, which were never properly closed. So it was up to our team to read all the discussions give our input and start closing the topics.

We had a very fruitful and fun NetCom meeting in Budapest and I am very happy we will finish cooperation agreements with the Academy and Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) soon. We discussed ideas from the previous team and our own initiatives, but since most of us are newbies (eight out of eleven members joined after Patra) we are working on them step by step [she smiles] The last thing we want is to feel overloaded after only two months of our term!

As you can see my work was mainly focused on NetCom team and my Vice-Speaker tasks. Next month I am planning to put more energy and time into working with my locals. I will visit some locals on their SUs and organise Skype meetings to prepare them for the beginning of the school year… You will read more about this in my next telegram. Have a wonderful summer!

Arsenis Tselengidis
My last two AEGEE months were totally different. In the first month (May), I was still a Network Commissioner and I was dealing more with local issues. Also, after the Agora I had to focus on the local distribution between the Network Commissioners. A real battle I can admit! My locals, since then, were separated into two different areas of the map of Europe and they were dealing with communication problems. Thus, I had to defend their interests. The first move happened and Balazs Kovacs took half of them. It was hard to give away locals that I was working close with for six months, but I know that now they will have better chances to come close with other locals of the network.

The second month (June) was more stressful! Two of my four active SubCommies joined Balazs in order for the locals to not feel the changes too much and another SubCommie became Network Commissioner. Thus, I had to rebuild a new SubCommissioners team from the beginning. After being elected as a Speaker of the Network Team I had not only to deal with my own bureaucratic tasks, but also with chasing the other Network Commissioners to do theirs! I can say the second is much harder than the first one. Becoming a Network Commissioner is not always as you think it is… You must spend 60% of your time with the team and 40% with your locals. Being at the Speaker team is almost 85%-15%! But as the time passes, thanks to my awesome Speaker Team and the rest of the NetCommies, everything starts to flow smoothly!

Lia Tuska
Most of the last two months work was my Knowledge Transfer. The area I am responsible for is new to me, so I want to thank Dominique Lenssen for answering all my questions. I had to start a new team, which for now consists of Svenja van der Tol and Boudewijn Steenhof. Still, if there is anyone interested to join our team, they can contact me! Together we decided to have AEGEE-Nijmegen as hosting local of the Fall Network Meeting. It was exams period so most of my locals were quiet.

That’s why right now I deal with my tasks in the NetCom team and specifically the NetCom Telegram. In May, I contacted the former NetCommies to share their Telegram. In June, since it was exam period and summer is already here, most of us are busy and couldn’t make it. I blame summer for this and I believe that the following Telegrams will be written by more of us.

We had a great time at NetCom Meeting in Budapest! We invented a new way of teambuilding, discussed old and new ideas, shared experiences and concerns and had amazing trainings by Maartje Natrop from the Academy. That’s it for now… Have an awesome summer and you’ll read more about my work in my next Telegram!

Unfortunately, Balázs Kovács and Burak Topaloğlu weren’t able to write an update about their work in the last months.