Lavinia Țole for Network Commission: “I Have the Ability to Stay Optimistic and Have Fun While Working Hard on My Goals”

23 years old Lavinia Țole is an AEGEE enthusiastic girl from AEGEE-București who aims to take one of the six free spots in the Network Commission. She joined AEGEE in 2013, and after six months as Tekla Hajdu’s Subcommissioner, she is ready to take up the job. We asked some questions to get to know more about her and her program.


1237262_614673158584838_1024859317_oThe AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself to the Network.

Lavinia: Hello AEGEEans from all over the Network, I’m Lavinia Țole and I have been a member of AEGEE-București for almost three years now. Like most of the AEGEE members, I love to travel, meet new people, listening to their stories and I’m always up for new challenges.

Sometimes, I like to live the moment and do crazy adventurous things, like couchsurfing after buying tickets for a last-minute trip, but when I commit to a project I believe in, I give my best and I don’t hesitate to put all my time and energy into it.


Why did you decide to run for the position of Network Commissioner?

As I’ve already stated in my application, running for the Network Commission seemed like the next natural step in my AEGEE life. Being a Subcommie also contributed a lot to my decision, because after my term I had a clearer idea about how the Network Commission works, about the struggles, but also about the rewarding experience of this position.

Moreover, this is the last year I can dedicate so much of my time to AEGEE and I want to make the most of it, by sharing my knowledge with the locals and by offering my support in every aspect concerning the development of the antennas and the cooperation within the Network.


11211780_890799600963067_1928550048_oHow do you think that your term as Subcommie prepared you to be Netcom?

Since I already got to know and interacted with members of the local boards in our area as a Subcommie, I know how antennas deal with the Antenna Criteria and what problems they sometimes encounter. Having a clear image about how things work and where we stand, makes me feel more confident in applying for the Network Commission.

In your candidature you stated that you want to continue the work of Brigitta and Tekla. What do you think are the issues of that area? and what are the strengths?

Well, I think the situation of the locals in our area is very diverse: there are some very strong locals, but also newer and weaker antennas with different needs and the Network Commissioner has to develop a program that supports all of them, which is not always easy. The strengths also lay in this diversity: we can learn a lot from each other’s best practices (like Czechoslovakian weekend, the collaboration between the Romanian and the Moldovan locals, etc.). But I believe the antennas shouldn’t stick only to each other; locals should be able to learn from the whole Network and that’s why I’d like to facilitate the cooperation and knowledge transfer among them.


In your program you didn’t mention ACT or Strategic Plan. How much do you think it is important for locals to know it and to develop activities accordingly?


Without any doubt, every local should be aware of the Strategic Plan and Action Agenda. Not only because organising events that contribute to the Strategic Plan is one of the Antenna Criteria, but also because each local should know in which direction AEGEE is heading. Moreover, the objectives to focus on, stated in the Action Agenda, can come in handy when locals have difficulties in implementing the Strategic Plan into their projects.

That’s why, during my term, I’d like to put more emphasis on educating locals about the Strategic Plan and Action Agenda.


You stated “I support the direction the Comité Directeur is planning to go”. Which direction exactly? In which field? And how will you explain it to the Network?

This summer, I read the Activity Plan for 2015-2016 developed by Comité Directeur and I want to spread the message about their initiatives and to bring my contribution to the growth of AEGEE. For example, I liked that they brought the organisational culture of AEGEE and the need to improve the education of members on fundraising possibilities in discussion. I believe Network Meetings are a great opportunity to work on these aspects. Also, ensuring a good quality and impact of Network Meetings and developing a good strategy to strengthen the connection between locals was another subject that caught my attention, and as a Netcom I could definitely help to achieve this goal.



Why do you think people should vote for you?

I consider I have that “AEGEEness”, the ability to stay optimistic and to have fun while working hard on goals I believe in. And I do believe in a stronger connection and collaboration between antennas. Furthermore, I have the energy and the enthusiasm to be the bridge between the Comité Directeur and the locals and to bring my contribution to the stability of the Network.


Written by Erika Bettin, AEGEE-Verona


You can read her full candidature here.