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Gabriele Scollo for Network Commission: “A Network Commissioner is the Good Teacher who Didn’t Forget how to Play”

Recently we talked with Gabriele Scollo from AEGEE-Torino, who is running for a position as Network Commissioner. He joined AEGEE when he was 25 years old, and has been an active member ever since. He was a member of the Action Agenda Committee for one year and participated in many local and European events otherwise. Now he is taking it to… Read more →

Pablo Palazon for Network Commission: “The Twin Antennae Program Needs a Little Bit of Extra Pushing”

Five Network Commissioners will be elected this Spring Agora and currently only four people are running for this position. Pablo Palazon, founder of AEGEE-Manchester, is one of them and we asked him some questions to get to know more about him and his plans for the network.   The AEGEEan: Tell us something about yourself. Pablo: I am Pablo Palazon!… Read more →

Spyridon Papadatos for Network Commission: “I Am Highly Motivated and Enthusiastic About This Position and I Want to Commit Myself 100% to It!”

He has been active in his local for almost two years. After his first Summer University in 2015, he was elected as Public Relations Responsible in the local board, organising the Local Training Course and Summer University of 2016 as both main organiser and treasurer. But that’s not all, he also coordinated local volunteering events such as Let’s Do It… Read more →

Lavinia Țole for Network Commission: “I Have the Ability to Stay Optimistic and Have Fun While Working Hard on My Goals”

23 years old Lavinia Țole is an AEGEE enthusiastic girl from AEGEE-București who aims to take one of the six free spots in the Network Commission. She joined AEGEE in 2013, and after six months as Tekla Hajdu’s Subcommissioner, she is ready to take up the job. We asked some questions to get to know more about her and her… Read more →

NetCom Times: Meet the New NetCommies!

During Spring AgorAsturias, five new members of the Network Commission (NetCom) were elected, namely: Danae Matakou (AEGEE-Athina), Hanna Alajõe (AEGEE-Tartu), Jovana Trajković (AEGEE-Beograd), Orkhan Babayev (AEGEE-Bakı) and Tereza Tokmaiyan (AEGEE-Yerevan). The AEGEEan spoke to them to find out more about these new members and their plans for the upcoming months. The AEGEEan: Why did you apply to be a NetCom?… Read more →

Tereza Tokmajyan for Network Commission: “it can be stupid to have a boring life with no changes in it”

From the landlocked plateaus high in the Caucasian mountains, on the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Russia and the borders of Christendom and the Muslim World comes a girl with an unmatched enthusiasm for AEGEE. Now AEGEE-Yerevan’s very own Tereza Tokmajyan is more than ready to become your next Member of the Network Commission. Hailing from one of… Read more →