Mateusz Muszalski for Member of the Audit Commission: “These Are Things that I’m … Really Proud of”

The great hero in theWolf of Wall Street’ is the FBI agent, who arrested Jordan Belfort. But he couldn’t have done so, if he did not very diligently analyse all the financial reports of Belfort’s company. It’s safe to say that AEGEE is not involved in any shady deals in the stock market as in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, however it’s still very necessary to have competent and diligent members to review AEGEE’s finances. One such members is Mateusz Muszalski of AEGEE-Kraków, who has already had the experience reviewing AEGEE’s finances, and is ready to give it his all.


M3The AEGEEan: Each person is like a tiny mystery, only so little is known of each of them.  Mateusz, what would you like people to know about you? 

Mateusz: I wouldn’t be surprised if many people imagine perfect auditor as a quiet, nerdy student of Mathematics or Finances… but probably I’m not that one. I’m a student of Mechatronics, who devotes a lot of his time to AEGEE. But that is not a full picture, I also have experience in international corporations and I really love to work as a trainer. Last year I run a marathon, lately I spend a lot of time with kids from dysfunctional families, taking part in programs which aims at giving them a fair start. And these are things that I’m also really proud of.


M4History is a series of momentous events with a nice conclusion at the end. What is your history with AEGEE? 

I’m in AEGEE since 2013, and after being engaged in almost every project of my antenna, I quickly become Vice-President of AEGEE-Kraków. In the board I was responsible for fundraising. It was a great year for me as I signed more than 60 sponsorship contracts and gained 16 grants. I learned a lot during that year. After that I was Marta’s Wnuk SubCommissioner, responsible for FR, and job shadower for the Audit Commission (AC).


M2People are like puzzle pieces. Why are you, and not anyone else, the missing piece of AEGEE’s  Audit Commission? 

The experience I gained while being the Job Shadower of the Audit Commission is priceless. I had a chance not only to observe the work through the mailing list and support the audit of the locals, but also to take part in the Audit Commission meetings and learn a lot about the finances of AEGEE-Europe. I believe this experience is such an asset in itself.

Bureaucracy is like a thick maze; each local has its own policies and many have different currencies. What do you think would be the most challenging aspects of being a member of the Audit Commission? 

M5I may sound a bit confident, but I’m pretty sure that the duties of the Audit Commission described in the CIA would not be a problem for me. Even if national accounting rules may differ,  I’m sure that with the support of the whole team of Commissioners and Job Shadowers we will manage every issue. And that’s why I want to do something more on this position. The biggest challenge for me would be reaching out to everyone who needs help in the accounting field. I hope that with my engagement, the AC could start creating a new image for this body. Not only as source of evaluation, but also of support.


Written by Willem Laurentzen, AEGEE-Nijmegen


You can read his full candidature here.