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PROPOSALS #2: Fixed Term for the MedCom, Gathering of Financial Documents of European Events, Modification of Locals’ Statutes, Nomination of JC Member in MedCom, Deadlines for Agora Official Documents 2.0

Agora Catania is starting in a few days and as always, the AEGEEan will try to help you better understand the Proposals which will be discussed during the Prytania. These following ones are proposed by the Mediation Commission, the Audit Commission, AEGEE-Aachen and AEGEE-Enschede.   Fixed term for the Mediation Commission Proposed by Damien Lacatz on behalf of the Mediation Commission.… Read more →

Oğuzhan Ayhan for Audit Commission: “I’m a patient, hardworking and dedicated person.”

Today we introduce you to Oğuzhan Ayhan, the only candidate for the Audit Commission. He has already been Audit Commissioner since Agora Enschede. The AEGEEan asked him some questions to learn more about his plans. The AEGEEan: Please describe yourself in three words and tell us why you chose them. Oğuzhan: I’m a patient, hardworking and dedicated person. I chose… Read more →

FAFA Kyiv: from a Chat to a Thematic Financial Training Event

Sometimes things go way all beyond any expectation. You are chatting with a friend about general random things, and you end up organising a thematic event together with a commission and a committee. Believe it or not, it all started with a joke and it ended up so happily. This is the story of how the Audit Commission of AEGEE-Europe, the… Read more →

Luca Bisighini and his Reform of the Audit Commission

We asked the Audit Commission to tell us about the reform they are carrying out. Its President Luca Bisighini focuses on what could be improved and explains why he decided to present his candidature for this demanding European position, also talking us through his choice of the Subcommissioners. His future plans involve fostering clear communication and bringing finance back among the hot… Read more →

Luca Bisighini for Audit Commission: “I Have Ambitious Plans and Enough Motivation For Being Part of the Audit Again”

Luca Bisighini, Italian from AEGEE-Brescia, is a 27-year-old travel addict and weird, as he defines himself. He has an MBA with a specialisation in International Trade and Business and he currently lives in Krakow, Poland doing an internship. He joined AEGEE two years ago and he became active both on the local and European level. After being elected as the third… Read more →

Ivan Cvetkovic for Audit Commission: “Together With My Team, We Will Put Emphasis on Educating Treasurers Through Skype Meetings”

Our last candidate for Spring Agora Bergamo is Ivan Cvetkovic from AEGEE-Nis, who is running for the position remained vacant dung the last Autumn Agora in the Audit Commission. He is a student of Economics and currently covering the position of Audit Commission subcommissioner. Here is what he said to us…   The AEGEEan: Please introduce yourself. Ivan: My name is… Read more →

Luca Bisighini for Member of the Audit Commission “My idea is to set up a common register of every AEGEE body we are going to audit”

Let us introduce you Luca Bisighini from AEGEE Brescia, candidate for a Member of the Audit Commission. Luca is eager to put his international experiences, gained while studying in Italy, Turkey and Poland, obtaining MBA and actively working in his antennae, into serving AEGEE Europe for its better financial future. We’ve decided to ask some questions, so enjoy reading answers below.  The AEGEEan: Please, present yourself. Luca: Well, I don’t want… Read more →

Audit Commission: A Members Group Which Likes Numbers and Money Very Much

In the AEGEE structure, you can find the Audit Commission, a two-member-group which checks AEGEE antennae’s accounting. Normally, it should have three members, but the two Commissioners elected during Autumn Agora Kyïv can count on some job shadowers. We spoke to Deborah Pistori, 26 years old, member of AEGEE-Cagliari since 2012, and Mateusz Muszalski, 23 years old, member of AEGEE-Krakòw… Read more →

Mateusz Muszalski for Member of the Audit Commission: “These Are Things that I’m … Really Proud of”

The great hero in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is the FBI agent, who arrested Jordan Belfort. But he couldn’t have done so, if he did not very diligently analyse all the financial reports of Belfort’s company. It’s safe to say that AEGEE is not involved in any shady deals in the stock market as in the ‘Wolf of Wall… Read more →