Hello?! It’s The AEGEEan you are looking for?

2016 has just started, but it is time to take a look at 2015 and all the terms you used to find us using a browser through this year. The most common word was Valleta and AEGEE-Valletta, which was digited 746 times, just one more than Aegeean. Youth, the core of our organisation, places itself third with 654 times. A part of these common results, some more singular can appear and they can raise some questions about how AEGEEans find our magazine.

Plastic soup4We are ecologist. Among weird search engine terms, we have plastic soup, which was searched 40 times. The plastic soup is the huge expanse of floating marine debris we can find in our seas and oceans. AEGEEans care deeply about the enviroment, and Green Summer Universities proved to be quite popular last year. Nonetheless, we looked into our archives and we spoke about it just once in 2013, but this may be an interesting topic for a future article.


Goodbye seems to be the hardest word. Leaving a position or a team is always very hard, especially if you are close to them, but someone was adamant on writing a good mail to them so they look at The AEGEEan for some answers and not once but five times with different terms: goodbye mail to team members (24 times), farewell mail to team members (13), saying goodbye to team members (9), saying goodbye to a team member (8) and goodbye letter to team members (6). imagesIn our team, we’ve seen several goodbye moments and we’ve learnt that the best way to leave a team is definitely speaking from heart and your team members will appreciate.


0 is the perfect number. 000000000000000 was searched 75 times and this is obscure to us because if you try to digit it on Google, it’s remarkable how you can find us. Maybe some IT person will be so kind to explain us the meaning of 15 zeros and how you can arrive us. Or it is simply a secret code we are still not able to decode. While waiting for some answers, here is The AEGEEan converted in binary code: 01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01000001 01000101 01000111 01000101 01000101 01100001 01101110.


Kenny Randon - FrancescoOui, c’est l’art! Kenny Random is a well known street artist from Padua and he firstly appeared in our magazine in 2012 thanks to an event organised by AEGEE-Treviso. But someone tried to find him 10 times misspelling it with Kenny Randon. James Ensor was a Belgian painter known to paint carnivals, masks, puppetry, skeletons, and fantastic allegories, all well portraited in his most famous painting Christ’s Entry Into Brussels in 1889. We are not quite sure how you can find any of his paintings in The AEGEEan, but 30 people digited James Ensor Les Masques and arrived in the magazine.


Moldova, where are thou? AEGEE-Chisinau will be the host of the Autumn Agora 2017 and it will be the first event of that kind in the country. Although the news was very welcomed, not everybody seemed familiar with geography. 15 people asked themselves ‘Where is Moldova?’, and instead of looking it on an atlas, they preferred to look for answers in our magazine. Moldova takes its name from the river Moldova and it borders Romania on the west and Ukraine on the north, east, and south.

ImmagineWe are sexy and you know it. In AEGEE, New Year was greeted with some calendars. AEGEE-Moskva and the Cultural calendar by the Culture Working Group, but we never heard of sexy calendars in the network. 16 people arrived in our magazine digiting for sexy calendar, which can be definitely an alternative way to fundraising. Meanwhile, you can see a picture of the Editor-in-Chief in a sexy elf costume.

Waiting for new, funny and weird inputs, see you next year.

Written by Erika Bettin, AEGEE-Verona