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Team Up for a Brilliant Summer University? Why Not!?! #2

Summer seems distant, but AEGEEans, as busy bees, are already in the process to organise Summer Universities. The Summer University Coordination Team gave the future SU organisers the possibility to collaborate with AEGEE bodies and give their Summer Universities a content twist. We asked the bodies involved to give us some more information about how they envision the collaboration. In this… Read more →

Anna Gumbau: “In AEGEE you don’t know which opportunities will be knocking at your door”

In the past year, The AEGEEan was in the hands of Anna Gumbau Martinez (AEGEE-Barcelona), who was a very caring Editor-in-Chief. Although Erika Bettin (AEGEE-Venezia) was elected to take over, this doesn’t mean Anna will become inactive! While she will stay active for The AEGEEan, she is also a member of the board of AEGEE-Barcelona, the Anniversary Team and the… Read more →

Member of the Month: Erika Bettin, from Ängelholm to Spritz

This month the member selected for the MoM (Member of the Month) award was Erika Bettin, member of AEGEE-Venezia, for her outstanding activities over the last month. From the Election Observation Mission in Ukraine to the interim mandate as Editor-in-Chief of The AEGEEan, check out some curiosities regarding this vulcanic member! Alfredo: Erika, you have been awarded MoM! How does it… Read more →

The New European Events and People Editors Ready to Prepare You For Agora Patra

The AEGEEan recently announced the selection of two new members to the Editors team; Erika Bettin and Cosmina Bisboaca. But why did they decide to dedicate even more time to AEGEE’s official online magazine? The AEGEEan interviewed them about this exact question. Erika Bettin, President of AEGEE-Venezia, has become very active in AEGEE even though being close to quitting AEGEE… Read more →

The new editor-in-chief of The AEGEEan Anna Gumbau Martinez about learning on the European Level of AEGEE

Last month there were elections in all the Working Groups of AEGEE. Anna Gumbau Martínez got elected into the board of the International Politics Working Group and at the same time the super motivated AEGEE-Barcelona member became the editor-in-chief of The AEGEEan Magazine. The former editor-in-chief Patricia Anthony introduces you to the new leading lady of AEGEE’s online magazine.  You… Read more →