A NWM Organised by a Small German AEGEE Antenna

AEGEE-Mannheim is organising a Network Meeting (NWM) on the end of the next April. We have spoken with Chantal Schmalkoke, Responsible for Internal Issues, who also tells us something about the future plans of the German Antenna.


The AEGEEan: Why did you apply to host the NWM?

Chantal: We wanted to host a European Event but a SU would have been too big for our small Antenna. We wanted to show who we are and what it means to be an AEGEEan in Mannheim.

When will the NWM Mannheim take place ?photo2

From the 22nd of April to the 25th of April 2016.

Which will be the focus of your NWM?

As usual, we will have many organisational things in the workshops prepared by our NetCommie Mareike. But our focus is to show the cultural variety and diversity of Mannheim.

Can you tell us something about the NWM’s social programme?

We will have a pub crawl on Friday, a special city tour on Saturday and the European Night on Sunday.

Who will be part of the organization team? How many people are going to help with the NWM as organisers?

The main organiser is our Board. But we will do only the rough planning. We will build working groups. Our members will join them and organise a specific part of the NWM. On the weekend we hope to have some help from other Antennas like Heidelberg.

photo4Do you have any local municipality or university support?

Yes. Our university has helped us a lot with the workshop rooms and the gym for accommodation. We also hope that some regional firms will support us.

What kind of fundraising strategy have you used?

For fundraising we’ve also built a working group. We try to concentrate on regional firms.

What is the title of your NWM? Can you explain the reasons behind it?

‘Diversity – Square your Potential in Mannheim’. As I’ve said, we want to show the cultural diversity of Mannheim. And maybe some people already know that Mannheim streets are arranged in squares like it is in NWM.

What is special about the city of Mannheim?

We have many different people from different cultures and that is why it is very international. Most people think that Mannheim is just an ugly city. But you can do a lot of things. There are great offers and possibilities.

Why should people come to Mannheim?

People should come to Mannheim to see what it really means to live here and that it is not just ugly. Theyphoto3 should experience the special spirit of Mannheim.

Is it easy to arrive in Mannheim?

Yes, I think it is. There are many airports in the region, for example Frankfurt am Main, Karlruhe Baden or Saarbrücken. And from the airports it is easy to travel to Mannheim by train.

What are the next plans of AEGEE-Mannheim?

Our biggest project is definitely the NWM and we are using all our power to make it as great and unforgettable as possible. After that, we will see what comes next.

Written by Matteo Lai, AEGEE-Cagliari.