Do not Forget to Warm Up With Pre-events Before Agora Chișinău

Autumn Agora Chisinau starts on the 12th of October this year, and its arrival is solemnly heralded by its many Facebook invites and by those of the Pre-Agora events. If you go to the Agora, you can go directly or you can go via one of the four Pre-Agora events (or just go to one of the four Pre-Agora events, no obligations). We have decided to make a list of all the four pre-events.
AEGEE-Kyïv have chosen the well-known brand “Don’t mess with Kyïv” as the name of its pre-event. There is no doubt that an Agora pre-event with this name will be successful, since their slogan and t-shirts are already quite popular now.  The main strength of the Ukrainian Antenna is represented by its people and Ukranian hospitality. The participants are going to visit the hot spots of the Euromaidan revolution in Kyïv, and to see the old parts of the city, the mysterious Andriyivsky Descent, and loads of churches in a typical eastern Slavic architectural style. They planned to show Mezhygirya, the huge residence of their ex-president which is now public and really nice place to visit, but instead offer a trip to Chernobyl, the well-known radioactive city, for people who like dangerous places.  Just twenty-five participants will be accepted. The fee is forty-five euros which covers accommodation, two meals per day and lots of parties.
There is another Ukranian Antenna, which organises a pre-event, but this one does it in collaboration with AEGEE-Aachen.  They chose the name even before Autumn Agora Kyïv, and, afterwards, just upgraded it with [Bears edition], because, during this pre-event, AEGEE-Aachen’s polar bears will be a big part of organising team.

AEGEE-Lviv and AEGEE-Aachen’s first aim of the programme is to help the participants to get to know the Ukranian culture and compare it with German one. In order to achieve this goal, there will be workshops and activities that will introduce the culture of both countries by, for example, cooking and language workshops. Of course, no event by AEGEE-Lviv happens without super awesome pubcrawl and awesome parties.


Cover photo Pre-event, AEGEE-IasiChallenge your limits: Truth or dare?

AEGEE-Iași chose the name “Truth or Dare” for its pre-event by thinking about what AEGEE really means for every single member. The general conclusion was that AEGEE means challenging yourself, stepping outside the comfort zone, daring to try something for the first time, and discovering new people and new cultures. “Truth” refers to the Romanian history, culture, and traditions -but from a different, funny point-of-view, because the members are trying to break stereotypes about their country and to promote a nondiscriminatory approach. The “dare” part is linked to all the surprises that are hidden. They cannot wait to see if the participants will dare to think outside the box, to gain amazing new experiences because their motto is: “Work hard, party harder!”

This Romanian pre-event promotes learning, but with a twist. Therefore, the participants will enjoy Romanian culture and traditions, one of which being dancing. One of the workshops will namely be about learning famous Romanian traditional dances, such as the horă and braşoveanca. The programme also includes a city tour, a treasure hunt, workshops about multiculturalism and other controversial European topics, quizzes, competitions, daring parties, a lot of fun, and surprises.


bucharestNo REST in BuchaREST!

There is another Romanian Antenna that organises something before Agora Chisinau. The pre-event of AEGEE-Bucharest will take place in the Romanian capital from the 7th to the 10th of October. The participants, that will be selected for this pre-event, have to be prepared for mind-blowing activities; they will have a taste of Bucharest’s unique spirit(s), discovering the frantic city and learn the Romanian way of partying. The Romanian Antenna will provide: accommodation in a hostel, two meals per day, sightseeing, a city tour, Bucharest’s nightlife experience, and some surprises. The fee is fifty-five euros, and the optional fee is sixteen euros for travelling to Chișinău.


Written by Matteo Lai, AEGEE-Cagliari.