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Switching perspectives! German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange “YOUrope: Exchanging hopes and challenges of EU participation”

AEGEE Kiev and AEGEE Heidelberg are cooperating to organise a German-Ukrainian Youth exchange on European awareness, participation, identity and vision for the future this autumn. They also presented it on stage during Autumn Agora Catania.    What does the European Union mean to you?  Asking this question, one will be given fundamentally different answers, depending on age, nationality, profession and… Read more →

FAFA Kyiv: from a Chat to a Thematic Financial Training Event

Sometimes things go way all beyond any expectation. You are chatting with a friend about general random things, and you end up organising a thematic event together with a commission and a committee. Believe it or not, it all started with a joke and it ended up so happily. This is the story of how the Audit Commission of AEGEE-Europe, the… Read more →

German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange “If I Were in Your Shoes”

Every month, many antennae around the Network organise activities that are related to our Action Agenda and Strategic Plan. Some of these locals become ACTive Locals of the Month, but often there is more than one outstanding activity taking place. One of these activities is the project “If I were in your shoes” by AEGEE-Kyïv and AEGEE-Berlin, which took place… Read more →

“An Agora Seldom Comes Alone”: Discover the Pre-events of Autumn Agora Kyïv 2015

From the 14th to the 18th of October, one of AEGEE’s most important events, the Autumn Agora, will be held in Kyïv and as any seasoned AEGEE member knows: an Agora seldom comes alone. The main event is always accompanied by several pre-events that are organised  especially by dedicated antennae. This years participants had the opportunity to choose from five creative… Read more →

Repeating the History of (A)EGEE with the Night of the Seven Antennae

The year 2015 marks the year that AEGEE-Europe turns 30 years old, although we surely don’t look that old yet! To prepare the birthday, the Anniversary Team has been created, which organises several events throughout the year to pay tribute to the history and future of our organisation. One of these events is the Night of the Seven Antennae, which… Read more →

#CapitalCities: NYE-vent by AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Kyïv #NoPoliticsJustFriendship

From the 29th of December to the 8th of January, AEGEE-Kyïv and AEGEE-Moskva organized the best New Year Event (NYE) in 2014, at least for the participant. For the first time in AEGEE’s history, these two locals collaborated to prepare an awesome and hipster event for 16 participants. Among them, there were people from Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Greece,… Read more →

Member of the Month Anna Pykhtina: “You get inspired when you see real devotion to the work you do”

The closing plenary of Autumn Agora Cagliari 2014 will definitely remain one of the most special AEGEE moments for Anna Pykhtina (AEGEE-Kyiv), when she gave her first speech as Main Organiser of the upcoming Autumn Agora Kyiv 2015. “Smailikova”, as everyone calls her, is the current president of AEGEE-Kyiv and Training Manager of the upcoming Summer University Project School that will… Read more →

Celebrate the New Year with AEGEE-Kyiv and AEGEE-Moskva… two countries, two Capital Cities!

There are many things that make the upcoming “Capital Cities” event special. For the first time in a great while (or, at least, as far as we can remember!), a New Year’s Event will take place in two countries by two AEGEE locals. The lucky participants that will be selected will also have the chance to experience two different celebrations.… Read more →