Welcome to Galicia: New contact of AEGEE-Europe in Vigo

Announced just few days before Spring Agora Bergamo, we have a new member in the AEGEE Network: the contact of AEGEE-Europe in Vigo, Spain. All the members of the current board lived far from the Galician city and belonged to other locals, but now that they are back in the city, they decided to refound an antenna there. We asked some questions to the board, which consists on Judith Sandin, president; Flavio Junio, vice president and PR responsible; Marcos Lois, secretary; and Silvia Muñoz, treasurer.



4-castroThe AEGEEan: When and how was your contact established? Was there already a local that was eventually deleted?

Judith: We started having meetings and working on it in February. We sent a request to become a contact in March, and we were finally admitted a couple of days before the Agora Bergamo. There was an AEGEE-Vigo in the 90s, and we have been in contact with its last president. We sent him an email without any hope he would reply, but he did. It was a large email full of details and explanations about how they worked, why did they “close” it and how the Agora and the SU worked on that time. When I how happy he was because of the idea to have AEGEE back in Vigo, I couldn’t believe it. Now we have each other’s number and from time to time we talk about AEGEE.


Why did you decide to create a contact in Vigo?

Flavio: The idea was on the founders since a long time ago. People from different antennae were thinking about founding a local in Vigo, we were all planning about it but the idea came up when one of us decided to text to all the interested people have a meeting in a bar. We did not know each other but the first contact was incredible. We all had had the same dreams for a long time and when we met that day, we realized we were a really good team: all experienced in our own areas and ready to develop our dream.

Silvia: There is no just one person who decided to refound AEGEE-Vigo; all the founders (Marcos, Judith, Flavio, Kateryna, Noelia, Alejandra and me) we were already active members in other antennae. However, living away from your local sometimes makes it difficult to get as involved in its activities as you would wish. It was that mutual feeling what encouraged us to start this adventure.


3-el-vaoWho is in the board? How many people do you have already?

We have the following people in the board: Judith Sandin, president; Flavio Junio, vice president and PR responsible; Marcos Lois, secretary; and Silvia Muñoz, treasurer.

After only three months we have 27 members already, practically all of them newbies, hungry to know AEGEE by wrapping their spirit, meet other members and share experiences!


What did you achieve so far?

Judith: We got to gather almost 27 members, become a family and introduce AEGEE in their daily lives and mentality, which is really gratifying. During this summer we have sent our members to the fantastic Summer Universities and now in our meetings we clearly see how motivated they have came back and how many things they are willing to do.


3-castrelosWhat are your future plans?

Judith: The biggest plans are never said … but we can say that now we are preparing a LTC full of surprises, organising talks at the university and many meetings with our members. Hopefully we will also sign the Convention d’Adhésion in Chisinau, where at least 8 of our members are planning to go.


Describe your local in three words.

Motivated, familiar & wild.


Describe your city. What is the most special thing about it?

Silvia: Vigo, known as the “Gateway to the Atlantic,” is the largest city in northeastern Spain. Have you still not visited the beaches of Vigo? They will surprise you. Its beaches have fine white sand and clear water. Eating in Vigo is like diving into a sea of unique flavours. Its gastronomy is much more than a gourmet experience or an opportunity to taste the best seafood from the Vigo estuary at affordable prices, it’s a true ritual. The urban area of Vigo is built over a hill-fort (O Castro). If you’re interested in archaeology, the lower slope of the mountain has acastreño (Celtic) site where you see what life was like in Vigo between the third and first centuries BC. Nowadays this hill with a fortress is one of the preferred spots for people to take a walk in Vigo, because of its beautiful gardens, open spaces, fonts and also the privileged views. Based around the original fishermen’s houses the cobbled streets, bustling port atmosphere… make it a small treasure. Vigo is also a short train ride away from Portugal and Santiago de Compostela, the third most important pilgrimage in Christendom.

2-cies2Marcos: Those who want to visit us here in Vigo will be surprised by the hospitality of the people, always ready to make your visit such an incredible experience. The second reason is the food, forget everything you expect when you visit Spain. There is no place here for paella, this is the land of the best seafood in the world, the wine, the meat….. so come here to taste it and discover our rich gastronomy. The third one is our paradise, the Cíes Islands with “the best beach in the world” as it was called by The Guardian newspaper. These islands are part of a National Park and if you visit our city you have to take a ferry and spend a day there, you will remember it forever.

What are you waiting for?? Stay tuned to our next events to visit us in paradise.


Written by Erika Bettin, AEGEE-Verona