Veronika Chmelárová for the Juridical Commission:” I am a Perfectionist in the Depths of My Heart and That is What the JC Work is About”

Veronika Chmelárová or, as she likes to be called Veva, is a young, but a very determined girl. She is currently a subcommisioner for the Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe and the president of AEGEE-Berlin. Her passion for law and love for the JC motivated her to run for it. Here she answers some questions regarding her candidature.

The Aegeean: Tell us something about yourself.

17546888_1118086214964148_2639636981703907206_oVeronika: I always found this question very hard to answer, but I will try my best. As you know my name is Veronika, but no one ever calls me differently than Veva in my antenna. I was born in Slovakia but partially raised in Germany, where I also moved later on and began my law studies. I became an AEGEE member two weeks after that, so that is my student life. I do not know how other people see me, but I consider myself very ambitious, focused and also very stubborn, although I am trying to work on that. I am also very pragmatic and realistic, but sure, like all of us, I do have my crazy times. Now you maybe await me to list you my hobbies, but I have to leave something a secret for the small talks on the Agora. [she smiles, ed.]

Why should people vote for Veronika for JC?

Although I was not born in Germany, I am pretty German when it comes to working. I am a perfectionist in the depths of my heart and that is what the JC work is about. You are searching for the tiny details which can make a huge difference in the result. I am aware that I am not a robot, but I am always doing my best in solving these legal issues in a proper way. I am very motivated and love the work that JC is doing. Also, I already have some experiences, as I have been the Subcommissioner of the JC for the past 9 months. Of course, there is still a lot to learn and improve, but I am more than eager to learn all I need in order to perform greatly.

Can you describe your experience as a subcommie for the JC?

I became a subcommissioner with the rest of us in September 2016 and have tried to support our commission in all ways possible since then. I corrected the status of four locals, lead the elections of the speaker team of EQAC, put together a list of motions as it was requested on Agora Chişinău together with the other Subcommies. On Agora Chişinău, I was helping with the registrations of the delegates and later on elections, and on this Agora I will be, together with the other attending subcommissioners, responsible for the JC stand at the Agora Fair.

According to your programme, you want to increase the speed of JC activities, how?

I believe more Skype meetings are needed in this matter as the communication through email can be very slow sometimes, or you will miss the message that was there but needs to be confirmed by all the commissioners. Also, some internal agreements on deadlines and the set time of an answer could not hurt. Of course in delicate cases, where a lot of research is needed, you also have to count on the JC to take the time to do it properly, but those are extraordinary cases for which extraordinary methods apply.

Tell us something more about your idea to bring the members closer to the CIA.

More and more members made me realise that the CIA is seen as some kind of burden, which hinders them to be creative and executes their ideas. Sure AEGEE is not about only CIA, but it is a crucial document on which our association is based on and it is important that it also is perceived as a basis for your own actions. Creating workshops on how to work with this document, or about its history and evolution might be very helpful in this case. Not all AEGEEans are interested in law and explaining all the complicated-looking rules with simple exercises in a one-hour workshop, where you can learn about the basics of it without reading the almost 100 pages of general rules plus Working Formats, can make it easier for them.

Here you can read her full candidature. 

Written by Paola Letizia Murru, AEGEE-Cagliari