Paola Letizia Murru

Laura Garcia Rueda for SUCT “I’ve applied for SUCT because for me the SU project has a lot of potential to make the association more known, get and motivate members””.

Laura Garcia Rueda is a very energic and positive girl from AEGEE-A Coruña, she has a lot of experience on the local level ( she is currently the secretary of her local) and she has already worked with SUCT becaming a SUpporter for it this past year.   The AEGEEan : Can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know… Read more →

Elena Panagopoulou for the Network Commission: “I Want Locals to Live and Breathe for their Identity, AEGEE Identity”

Elena Panagopoulou is not new to the AEGEE world, she has a lot of experience both at the European and local level. She now decided to start a new adventure candidating for the Network Commission. Here are a few questions for her. The AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself. Elena: I am Elena, born and raised in Athens, subsequently being a member of AEGEE-Athina… Read more →

Oğuzhan Ayhan for the Audit Commission: “My plans are to increase the knowledge about the finance and improve the communication with locals”

 Today we introduce you  Oğuzhan Ayhan, one of the two candidates for Audit Commission. He has already experience with Audit Commission, as he is currently a subcommissioner, but he is also prepared in treasury and fundraising. Here are few questions for him. The AEGEEan: Please, Introduce yourself.   Oğuzhan Ayhan, AEGEE-Ankara: Hello, I am Oğuzhan Ayhan from AEGEE-Ankara. I am… Read more →

Veronika Chmelárová for the Juridical Commission:” I am a Perfectionist in the Depths of My Heart and That is What the JC Work is About”

Veronika Chmelárová or, as she likes to be called Veva, is a young, but a very determined girl. She is currently a subcommisioner for the Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe and the president of AEGEE-Berlin. Her passion for law and love for the JC motivated her to run for it. Here she answers some questions regarding her candidature. The Aegeean: Tell us something about… Read more →

RTC Season : Let’s Talk about it with AEGEE Lviv, AEGEE Touluse, AEGEE Firenze and AEGEE Pisa

It is already that magical season of the year! No, we are not talking about Spring and the rebirth of nature. Of course we are talking about the RTC season. RTCs (Regional Training Courses) are meetings among members and their aim (according to what is written on the AEGEE Europe member’s portal) is to prepare them to take responsibilities in… Read more →