Do You Feel You Can Act at the European Level?

Do you believe in Europe? Do you see problematic issues in your society and do you think you can be part of the change? If yes, the Summer University (SU) “Call Upon Young Europeans” is a perfect summer event for you.


hhhThis SU takes place between the 20th and the 31st of August. It is a perfect mix between a summer course, focusing on learning and understanding, and a summer university, focusing on culture and having fun. The training will merely take place the first five days in Toulouse, organised by AEGEE-Toulouse and AEGEE-Lyon, and will be provided by trainers from Your Vision for EUrope. Afterwards the group travels to Barcelona.

The SU will be focused on European Citizenship and Europtimism and allows for in-depth understanding of these issues through non-formal education. There will be extensive use of interaction between participants. The training will firstly give an introduction to the EU: by interactive workshops, participants will learn about the EU institutions, EU history and the place of Europe nowadays in the world. During the SU, a simulation of the European Council will be conducted. When the required knowledge is ascertained, the training will address issues like the rule of law, democracy and human rights in the EU.

In today’s society, people lose faith in the European Union, and not without reason. The EU is at a crossroad, and its future is at stake. Therefore special attention will be given to identify and discuss factors that endanger the European project and how to tackle and prevent them. The Summer University will enhance understanding and create open-minded citizens, but will specifically focus upon the opportunities offered to European citizens, to all be active citizens and changemakers by spreading Europtimism.

AEGEE-Toulouse and AEGEE-Lyon have taken up responsibility to be active and responsible in society by organising this SU. They will do their ultimate best to make this the best SU ever. Even more, they applied for and got selected as an Erasmus+ project. Erasmus+ is a EU programme to support education and training for youth in Europe. All AEGEE-locals are encouraged to organise Erasmus+ projects, which are perfect opportunities to propose an educative and innovative project and to be active in society!

This SU is a positive sign in the current state of Europe. A dynamic energy is rising in France and has led to the awakening of AEGEE locals in this country. Especially in the context of the recent elections in France, it is not an easy job promoting the EU in France. It can only be encouraged. Therefore the project team of Your Vision for EUrope is happy to support the organisation of this SU. Your Vision for EUrope is a project initiated by AEGEE-Europe to facilitate discussion on European politics and make the voices of young Europeans heard. Their activities aim to raise awareness of European affairs and stimulate debate on topics relevant for young people, and therefore match the theme of this Summer University.

The Erasmus+ programme allows for 15 participants selected from the partner countries, being five participants from Italy, five from Spain and five from Romania. This selection is not bound to the regular Summer University application procedure. Ten other participants will be selected from all other countries over Europe, and this will be done through the regular SU application procedure. Find more information on how to apply for this SU here:


Written by Elinne Mertens, AEGEE-Leuven