“Take initiative and write your own story! – August’s Member of the Month, Nicoleta Mihalescu!

AEGEEans all around Europe have suggested a very committed member to be AEGEE’s Member of the Month, August 2020. She joined our association five years ago and she has been inarguably active ever since. This time, she has been nominated for Member of the Month due to contributions in her roles such as being a Speaker of the EQAC, Financial Officer and joining the Network Commission. Let’s know a bit more about Nicoleta Mihalescu!

Congratulations on being awarded the Member of the Month! We are all eager to hear your AEGEE story.

Thank you for this opportunity! It is very much appreciated to see that my work is noticed and valued!

My AEGEE Story – when I think about it I get a feeling of achievement! It is almost hard to believe that I have been in AEGEE for five years already! Looking back, my adventure started in the warm arms of AEGEE-Iași and driven by curiosity and enthusiasm I took on challenges such as organising a European Event (Pre-Agora Event), being a helper at the Agora, doing two consecutive board years (HR Responsible 2016 and President 2017) and exploring the European Level. From Sub-commisioner of Audit Commission to Sub-commisioner of Network Commission and becoming a member of EQAC and HRC, I tried to learn and discover what AEGEE has to offer – and I really dived into the European Level. That started with me candidating for Speaker of EQAC and keeping things going and events approved. Then the Open Call for Finance Officer was another opportunity where I saw the need and I wanted to help. Finally, the role of Network Commissioner rounds up my story. I have gained so much from AEGEE and I hope that through NetCom I will be able to share my knowledge and inspire others.  

What has been the highlight of your time in AEGEE?

This is a difficult question to answer. But I consider that NOW is the highlight of my experience. I am part of an awesome NetCom Team, I have amazing SubCommies who want to learn and are eager to have an impact, the Financial Management Squad of AEGEE-Europe is right on point and I try to support and give a helping hand to the Network in every way possible. 

What are some of the most memorable moments you have had in AEGEE?

There have been so many memorable moments! I will mention the first time I had to speak in front of the Agora – standing there and seeing all the faces looking at me was something overwhelming, but special. In my opinion, every event in AEGEE is memorable, even if it is online because events are about the people you meet for the first time and about those with whom you reunite. 

What are some ways in which AEGEE helped you in your life?

As mentioned before, through AEGEE I have gained a lot and one of the things is confidence. This is a key element which is needed when you want your opinion to be heard or when you have to work and manage an international team. That being said, on the list, I would also add management related skills: team management, social media and last but not least, time management.

What are your words of wisdom to your fellow AEGEEans?Fellow AEGEEans, be curious! AEGEE is so much more than what you learn during an LTC or during an informative night. Don’t wait for people to tell you want to do or what is possible, but take initiative and write your own story!