“Within AEGEE, there are so many opportunities for you, don’t be afraid to take up some challenges, as the possibilities for you to learn, grow and meet new people are endless! “ ~ Teddy van Amelsvoort

November brings AEGEE a new member of the month, and this time it’s yet another familiar face. Her enthusiasm and help at the local and European help deserves recognition. We are happy to introduce the Member of the Month, November 2020, Teddy van Amelsvoort!

Congratulations, Teddy, on being awarded the Member of the Month! We are all eager to hear your AEGEE story. 

Thank you and thank you for this opportunity! It is actually very funny, because I remember telling the rest of my board members that I was never going to be active on the European Level and fast forward to now, here we are. I think the thing that motivates me within AEGEE the most is working together with others on a common goal and seeing your work pay off. Another motivator is seeing people become a part of your AEGEE family and sharing your joy with them. Smiling AEGEEans are probably my favourite AEGEEans.

So my AEGEE story started in September 2017. I met AEGEE at the introduction period at my University, where I joined my introduction brother for a promotional talk, as he was interested in the association. A week later at the free tosti lunch I became a member, with the idea – let’s try it and if it is not for me, I will be gone as fast as I joined.

Almost immediately after, I was asked to be a part of the First Year Committee (Local Activities) and before I could answer I was already put in the WhatsApp group. That kind of steamrolled my way to becoming a board member for a term and a half (first as a treasurer, then as vice-president). After these terms, I decided to move to the European Level after having my eyes opened to the other possibilities within AEGEE at Agora Salerno. On the European level, I have had the opportunity to join the HRC, its Speaker Team as interim project supporter, jobshadower of the first online Agora, during which I presented my candidature for NetCom and ultimately as NetCom’s current Speaker. 

What was your life before AEGEE? What do your parents think about being so active in AEGEE?

Before I joined AEGEE, I was still fresh out of high school, so I don’t really know student life without at least a little of AEGEE. My parents don’t really understand AEGEE, even though I have tried to explain it for quite some time, but they like that I found something where I can put a little of myself in my work and learn more about a variety of topics.

What are some of the most memorable moments you’ve had in AEGEE?

I think the most memorable moments are quite continuous, as, for me, it is often about the journey to reach something, and about the teams that I am a part of make that journey very memorable, such as my work with my locals and SubCommies and, of course, my amazing fellow NetCommies.

I think one memorable moment that stands out for me is when my fellow board members and I organised a trip to Skopje. At that trip we had a surprising number of 24 members join us, including many newbies. It was also the largest number to join us for a trip in quite some time. The trip was full of laughter, but also members who came up to us as the board and told us they were so happy to have become a part of our local.

What are some ways in which AEGEE helped you in your life? 

AEGEE teaches you a lot, sometimes without even realising it, including how to handle a variety of situations and issues. I think AEGEE has given me the opportunity to find out more about what I am interested in and broaden my viewpoints while learning to communicate better with others. AEGEE also helped me to open up a bit more and present myself, which is one of my struggling points, as I am quite a shy person.

What are your words of wisdom to your fellow AEGEEans?

Within AEGEE, there are so many opportunities for you, don’t be afraid to take up some challenges, as the possibilities for you to learn, grow and meet new people are endless! And probably, most importantly, tell your fellow AEGEEans and the people in your life when you think they are doing something great, compliments can let others know you appreciate them and make their day a little brighter!

Any closing remarks?

I am very grateful to the people who have supported me, joined me on some of my crazy plans and the amazing people that I can call friends, as without them, this association would not be half as enjoyable.