We introduce to you the new board of AEGEE-Muğla!

AEGEE-Muğla just elected a new board and we want to introduce the new, motivated, board members and their plans for the AEGEE-community. If you haven’t heard about AEGEE-Muğla yet, now is the time to learn more about the antenna which is located in the Southwest of Turkey.

Hello guys! First of all, congratulations on being elected as the new board of AEGEE-Muğla. Can you tell us about yourselves? 

Sup everybody! I am Atta Rajab, the president of AEGEE-MUĞLA. I am 21 years old and studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I joined AEGEE three years ago and I met a lot of awesome people. Joining AEGEE has given me a different perspective and made me experience stuff I never knew that I needed to experience. For example, I am managing the design and PR of our antenna. Also, I like jogging as a way to relieve stress. So, if you see me running outside don’t stop me because I could be either after a new record or so pissed off that I would take it out on you ( JK). I speak three languages and I still can’t find enough words to express myself so that’s all I’m gonna say for now.

 Hello, my name is Onur Bektaş, I am 21 years old Computer Engineering student and the secretary of AEGEE-MUĞLA. As part of AEGEE-MUĞLA I met a lot of good friends and got great opportunities so far. AEGEE is like a family for me. One big passion of mine is basketball. Also, I am a huge anime boy and it’s like another world to me. But most importantly, I am a huge F1 fan.

Hi! I am Cansu Cangüven. I am 23 years old and a Medical Student. In addition, I am the HR responsible of AEGEE-MUĞLA. I have been a board member since last year and being  part of AEGEE makes me overjoyed because it brought me precious memories. That is why my nickname is Joy. Also, I’m the biggest fan of the TV series called How I Met Your Mother. I keep making references to it all the time and sometimes it annoys people. Other than that, I love painting, Sudoku, Yoga and meditation. So, I’m not gonna ask you “Haaaveee you met Cansu?”, because: Yes, you just did.

Hello there. My name is Mevce Abatay. I am 21 years old, studying nutrition and dietetics and the treasurer of AEGEE-MUĞLA. I joined AEGEE about three years ago because of my desire to travel abroad. But after participating in some events, I realized that AEGEE is much more than that: I made great friendships and I developed myself. As you can probably guess from my studies, I enjoy discovering new dishes and making them healthier. Also, I love doing sports outdoors. It gets hard to do this in Muğla in winter though. The weather is constantly rainy and cold like London. 

AEGEE-Muğla is one of our Turkish antennas. But that is simply not enough to define it, right? What makes your antenna special? 

What makes AEGEE-MUĞLA special is that it creates a very friendly atmosphere. The participation rate in the local activities is very high and we can see that people are enjoying it. We became a really big family.

Do you have a mascot? Tell us about your fluffy friend!

Shelly, our mascot and the fluffiest member of our family is a Caretta-Caretta turtle. They have habitats in Muğla and are an endangered species that needs to be protected. Shelly attends all our events and we are sure that she’s having a lot of fun with us.

What are your plans for the next term? Are you going to continue some ongoing projects and do you already have ideas for new ones? 

We are planning on organizing many social activities and social responsibility projects in Muğla. Also, we want to organize a European-level event in cooperation with an environmental project that we always wanted to do. You will probably hear about it in our next term. Our main goal is to expand our family and to convey the spirit of AEGEE to more people. We plan to continue our speaking clubs.

We all had a rough year during the pandemic and many antennas really suffered. How did AEGEE-Muğla manage?

Pandemic conditions have hit us all hard. Even though we couldn’t catch the crowd in Muğla, we continued organizing our speaking clubs through online platforms every week. Furthermore, we organized an online LTC with AEGEE-IZMIR… We had to keep the team spirit alive! 

Anything else you wanna share with the whole AEGEE-network? 

We just want to thank the AEGEEan for this interview, keep in touch for news about us. See you somewhere in Europe!