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To this date AEGEE had a huge impact on many generations of young Europeans. But what happens when these people grow up and leave AEGEE? In the online event AEGEE-Inspire, co-organized by the areas Wild East, Teddybearea and Rainbow area, members of AEGEE’s alumni organization Les Anciens d’AEGEE (LA) explain how AEGEE has impacted their lives and still does today.… Read more →

Maria Zwartkruis for the Network Commission: “I hope I will be able to inspire and spread the AEGEE-spirit”

Not only AEGEE-Utrecht should know Maria Zwartkruis, who is one of the candidates of the Network Commission.  In this interview, you can read the successes of her life (in and out AEGEE) and know her more about her candidature as a Network Commissioner. The AEGEEan: Tell us more about Maria Zwartkruis. What do you do? What do you dream about your future? Maria:… Read more →

Let AEGEE Inspire Your Life!

AEGEE Inspire aims at inspiring AEGEEans, giving everyone the opportunity to present their inspiring story in a limited amount of time in order to motivate other members. The AEGEEan interviewed Mathijs Waegemakers, AEGEE-Enschede, and Anna Gumbau, AEGEE-Barcelona, about their experience as host of AEGEE Inspire at Agora Patra 2014 (Mathijs) and at EPM Burgos 2015 (Anna). Read on to find out more about it! The… Read more →

Member of the Month Anna Pykhtina: “You get inspired when you see real devotion to the work you do”

The closing plenary of Autumn Agora Cagliari 2014 will definitely remain one of the most special AEGEE moments for Anna Pykhtina (AEGEE-Kyiv), when she gave her first speech as Main Organiser of the upcoming Autumn Agora Kyiv 2015. “Smailikova”, as everyone calls her, is the current president of AEGEE-Kyiv and Training Manager of the upcoming Summer University Project School that will… Read more →

“Regardless of your experience or knowledge, Agora should be a place where you can learn about the true size and scale of AEGEE” ~ Niek Lange

In this article you can find out more about AEGEE-Eindhoven and AEGEE-Tilburg’s member, Niek Lange, who is running for Chair/Vice-chair person. If you are curious about what his plans are for upcoming Agoras, don’t hesitate to click on this article!  Hey, for starters, could you introduce yourself to your fellow AEGEEans? How long have you been a member of AEGEE,… Read more →

“My goal is to try out new things and hopefully I can establish something really cool that the Network loves!” ~ Marcello Meyer

In today’s  article we want to introduce you Marcelo Meyer from AEGEE-Berlin. In this Autumn Agora 2021, he is running to become a member of the Network Commission. In the following article, you can find out more about Marcelo’s experiences with AEGEE and his motivation for becoming part of the NetCom. Hey, for starters, could you introduce yourself to your… Read more →