Lisa Gregis

Alin Georgescu for Network Commission: “I can bring something new in AEGEE, because I constantly learn, reflect and share”

Few days are missing to Autumn Agora Catania, and one of the most important decisions we will make, is to choose the best people for the Network Commission. Alin Georgescu has already worked as a NetCommie for one year and would like to dare again and commit himself to the Network.  The AEGEEan: Who are you? For what do we… Read more →

Celia Riveres For Network Commission: “Every Time I Take Any Responsibility, I Fight Until The Last Moment And I Do Whatever Is In My Hand To Achieve My Objectives.”

The upcoming Agora is a place where a new generation of NetCommies is going to be elected. The Network Commission has always been one of the most crucial Commission we had in our Network, but now maybe even more than ever. Celia believes she is motivated enough and ready to take the job. She would like to lead by example her assigned locals,… Read more →

PROPOSALS #2: Agorae Timeframe, Deadlines for Publishing Agora Official Documents, Preparatory Deadline for Proposals, Candidature Application Period

After the first part of Proposals explanation, which was mainly focused on the locals, now we are turning the lights on Agora’s deadlines and timeframes.  Agora Timeframe Following the Motion on Informing the Network of the Agora dates, Lia Tuska on behalf of the Comité Directeur would like to change the timeframe in which the dates of an Agora have to… Read more →

PROPOSALS #1: Regulations on Contracts, Cd’A of AEGEE-Academy, Antenna Criterion #12, Antennae Criteria Reform

Agora Enschede is approaching and as the past Agora, the AEGEEan will try to help you to understand more the Proposals which will be discussed during the Prytania. These four are about the Locals and how they function. Improving Regulations on Contracts Proposed by Jorge Sánchez Hernández on behalf of AEGEE-Dresden. During Autumn Agora Cagliari 2014 the denomination given to a… Read more →