Beyond AEGEE

The Maastricht Treaty Explained

With all the promotion for events like YO!Fest 2017, you will likely see the words “Maastricht treaty” being casually mentioned in emails, posts on social media, promotional texts and others. But what exactly is the Maastricht treaty and why is it significant now? These and more questions will be answered in the article below.   What is the Maastricht treaty?… Read more →

Some Students Play the Lifestyle of the Erasmus Generation

A new project about the Erasmus programme is going to be developed in Rome: Erasmus Generation. Many European students will enjoy a TV series where the actors are not professionals, but normal students and young people like all of us.   The Erasmus programme is the world’s most successful student exchange programme. Over five million students, from across the European continent, have… Read more →

Sacrality is Evil

A couple of days ago, we published an opinionated and argumentative article on the benefits of censorship. We hoped you liked, and, to follow it up, we have another one for you right here. Use it in every group, in which you find yourself in AEGEE, or even in your personal life, because you should not take what you adore… Read more →

In Defence of Censorship

During some of our earlier years, we used to publish some opinionated and argumentative articles. Starting today, we are back with a brand new series of such articles with a topic that cannot but catch your attention by virtue of its controversial statement coming from a magazine; in defence of censorship. And yes… at times we have to censor things; sometimes necessarily,… Read more →