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PROPOSALS #2: Fixed Term for the MedCom, Gathering of Financial Documents of European Events, Modification of Locals’ Statutes, Nomination of JC Member in MedCom, Deadlines for Agora Official Documents 2.0

Agora Catania is starting in a few days and as always, the AEGEEan will try to help you better understand the Proposals which will be discussed during the Prytania. These following ones are proposed by the Mediation Commission, the Audit Commission, AEGEE-Aachen and AEGEE-Enschede.   Fixed term for the Mediation Commission Proposed by Damien Lacatz on behalf of the Mediation Commission.… Read more →

German Polar Bears in Aachen: “Connecting Old and New Members Makes Working Together Easier for Everybody”

Polar bears can not only be found in the Artic Ocean: in Aachen you can find many as well! Board members of AEGEE-Aachen, Tim Mollenhauer and Katharina Hartz, tell us about the story behind their famous mascot, their ways of keeping members active, and much more!   The AEGEEan:  Could you tell us about the establishment and the current structure of AEGEE-Aachen?… Read more →

NWM Aachen – “It Takes Two Bears to Tango”

From the 24th till the 27th of November, AEGEE-Aachen is hosting a Network Meeting (NWM). They will have a panel discussion within the context of Brexit, an education in cooperation talk, two days in the Eifel Mountains and a Christmas Party in November. To know more about this fantastic NWM, we interviewed Leonie Riebesam of AEGEE-Aachen   The AEGEEan: What is the… Read more →

Philipp Blum for SUCT: “It’s a Really Good Feeling to Help People to Have the Summer of Their Lives”

You might have seen him on stage during the Agora in Bergamo, or most probably if you organised or attended a Summer University. Philipp Blum, 25 years old and living in Aachen, is doing it again. After a term in the Summer University Coordination Team as Publication and IT responsible, he is running for a second one aiming to cover… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of February AEGEE-Aachen: “Even Small Events Have Their Impact!”

In February, AEGEE-Aachen paid attention to a very actual topic by organising a discussion on Brexit, with interesting results. As a reward, they were chosen as the ACTive Local of the Month. We spoke to them to find out more! ACT: Congratulations! As we would like to know about this month’s winner, could you tell us a bit more about… Read more →

The tale of the three ACTive antennae and the migration situation

The month of the European Planning Meeting has finally arrived, and in a little less than three weeks we will gather in Leiden, Netherlands, to discuss one of the biggest issues that Europe is facing right now. Many locals have been taking action already, organising a number of activities related to the migration situation througout the Network. We spoke to… Read more →

Local of the Month AEGEE-Aachen: “We Really Are a Group of Friends”

Surely all of you have already encountered the famous mascot of AEGEE-Aachen somewhere in Europe. Now, the German local became the Local of the Month. The AEGEEan talked to two of AEGEE-Aachen’s new board members, Leonie Riebesam and Malte Berrenberg, about the antenna, their recipe for success and their potential plans for an Agora application. With around 120 members, of… Read more →

Member of the Month Damien Latacz: “Whatever You Want, There Is a Place for You in AEGEE”

Rather often, the Member of the Month is someone the whole association has seen and heard about already. This might not necessarily be the case with our newest Member of the Month, Damien Latacz, a Frenchman from AEGEE-Aachen. He became a member less than a year ago, but already participated in many events. He is a member of his local’s… Read more →

AEGEE-Warszawa Prepares to Give You a Pandatastic Network Meeting

The biggest events in AEGEE after Agorae and European Planning Meetings (EPM) are the Polish Network Meetings (NWM), which often gather more than hundred participants. This spring, AEGEE-Warszawa will be hosting the event from the 30th of April until the 3rd of May, being open to 100 participants. We spoke to main organiser Martyna Szustakowska and Network Commissioner in charge… Read more →