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ACTive locals of the month of December AEGEE-Amsterdam and  AEGEE-Beograd “The best things are in small packages”

Last December, AEGEE-Amsterdam and AEGEE-Beograd organised the event “Home is where the Heart is – Erasmus+ exchange 2017”. For this reason, they were chosen as the ACTive Local of the Month. We spoke to Amy Treuren, European Affairs Officer of AEGEE-Amsterdam, and Isidora Braljinac, President of AEGEE-Beograd, to find out more!   ACT: Which emotions did you have when you… Read more →

Whatever Floats Your Rainboat – a Deeper Understanding of The Issues Faced by The LGBT Community

LGBT+ is still a controversial topic, even if in the last decade the society developed. People are talking about it, but they still discriminate someone on their gender identity or sexual orientation. AEGEE-Amsterdam is organising an event in January with the topic of LGBT+. We asked one of the organisers, Romy Cartiere, some questions about the lovely event they are… Read more →

40 Partners in Crime (Re)Discovering the Dutch Culture!

From the 21th of July to the 5th of August, 24 crazy participants were ready for a new adventure: discovering the “other side” of the Netherlands by joining the Travelling Summer University (TSU) of  Utrecht, Delft & Amsterdam: Discover Your New Partner in Crime. During these two weeks everyone found their partners, worked together on several tasks and got to experience the… Read more →

Member of the Month – Maarten de Groot: “Once I Get Excited About Something, I Tend to Get Absorbed by It”

It is often said that the Member of the Month should be someone who “moved mountains” in our association, but there are several ways to contribute to it. Also, it is often said that there are no active people during our statutory events and boredom spreads through delegates and envoys. Our Member of the Month of March is Maarten de… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Amsterdam: “Contributing to the Action Agenda is an easy way to activate members and have fun!”

In December, we elected the first ACTive Local of the Month, which was AEGEE-Heraklio for their event about the human rights situation of deaf people. This month, AEGEE-Amsterdam was elected for their contribution to the Focus Area of Spreading Europtimism with an evening about Europe under the name of ‘Me, myself and Europe’. Time to speak to them to find… Read more →

NetCom Times: Local Agora To Prepare for the Big Agora

It has been repeated over and over again that it is very important to prepare delegates, visitors and envoys for the statutory events. It is essential to go through proposals and candidatures before flying to the Agora destination and The AEGEEan interviewed different antennae that prepare meetings for that particular purpose. In Budapest members who want to be delegates have… Read more →

What is the ‘Nedertop’?

Four or five times a year all Dutch speaking locals and their Network Commissioner (NetCommie) gather for a collective meeting called the Nedertop. The reason for this gathering is a mystery for the rest of the AEGEE-network. Until today, because this article will give you all the ins and outs about this Dutch meeting! The exact date of establishment is… Read more →