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The Road to the Agora

Spring Agora Bergamo starts on the 18th of May this year, and its arrival is solemnly heralded by its many Facebook invites and by those of the Pre-Agora events. If you go to the Agora, you can go directly or you can go via one of the six Pre-Agora events (or just go to one of the six Pre-Agora events,… Read more →

SUrviving the Extremity of Nature in Brescia

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of Brescia? Footballers Pirlo and Balotelli who come from the same named province, mountains, lakes, or just a small hidden and relatively unknown paradise midst the famous Franciacorta vineyards? Brescia is all of them and even more. Heading there for AEGEE’s Summer University (SU) I wasn’t sure whether… Read more →

AEGEE-Brescia lets the Rainbow roar!

Even though AEGEE-Brescia is considered a small antenna in the Network, having almost fifty members, that doesn’t mean it’s an inactive antenna. Right before the Agora, the antenna organized a successful Network Meeting (NWM), gathering 35 participants in the north of Italy. Next to that, they set up initiatives like European talks and leadership courses, proving that an antenna can… Read more →

Matteo Nulli for Audit Commission: “Auditing is not just a mechanic task!”

Matteo Nulli from AEGEE-Brescia is one of the four candidates for three position in the Audit Commission. After having spent two very active years on local level, he moved to Spain and is now eager to take another step in his AEGEE life by joining the European level. The AEGEEan: Please introduce yourself. Matteo: Hey folks! I’m Matteo, a smiling… Read more →

Most Inspiring Local Activities Nominated for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards

Throughout the AEGEE Network inspiring local activities are being organized every year and The AEGEEan decided to honor this for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards 2014. Therefore five antennae are nominated for the “Most inspiring local activity” category. AEGEE-Warszawa is nominated for the “Don’t talk to strangers – or do” activity. The AEGEEan interviewed Izabela Rudnicka (the coordinator of the project). “I… Read more →

Get hired to organise Summer Universities!

Who would not have ever heard about Michele Turati or Mickey (AEGEE-Brescia)? That person probably has not been active in AEGEE for a long time, as otherwise (s)he would have already met this enthusiastic Italian whose AEGEE life started back in 2003. Continuing our series with AEGEE members and Summer University (SU) impact on them, this time we interviewed Michele. Michele, the… Read more →