CD on Track: Tekla’s Fourth Stop in Brescia

Tekla: Day 5 and 6 – Brescia (18th-19th February)Brescia 3

The next stop in my track was Brescia, where I arrived early Saturday afternoon. As the weather was nice and timing was good, I had the city tour in the afternoon with some members of AEGEE-Brescia who told me many fun facts about their city and their sights – we even managed to bump into a running competition while visiting the castle [She smiles, ed.].

The day continued with the evening meeting in the office of AEGEE-Brescia, when firstly I introduced the work of the Comité Directeur and who is doing which portfolio this year. After the introductory part, we continued with the topic of Summer Universities, the upcoming AEGEE-Brescia Summer University and some tips for compulsory sessions for the SU. We also covered some best practices for recruitment and how to prepare the members for the SU – both for organising and applying to one. The evening was closed with the open space part, where there was interest about Agora reform and a few questions regarding Membership fees. It was very interesting to see how the Summer Universities, as the biggest project of AEGEE, have a significant impression for locals, as for the members of AEGEE-Brescia this is one of the biggest motivations to join the organisation – either as a participant or as a helper. Brescia 4

The night continued at the house of Michele Minuti, former President of AEGEE-Brescia and Treasurer of the Academy, where we spent a nice evening with pizza, pirlo (similar to Aperol Spritz), some nice talks and some games. As a surprise, I also received a T-shirt of AEGEE-Brescia – once again, thank you guys for the nice surprise!

The next stop for all of us is Udine, where I will reunite again with Réka and Zvonimir to have a joint session about the future plans for AEGEE, what has been done by the CD in Brussels so far and about the opportunities AEGEE offers for members and for externals.

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Written by Tekla Hajdu, Network Director