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The Surprising Truth From a Dutch-German SU

The Netherlands and Germany… One would directly think about beer, weed, and the Red Light District. The discovery made by some lucky participants could not be further from this! The Germans and Dutchmen like to discipline people. That is why between the 4th and 19th of July, participants realised what the word “justice” means during an AEGEE event. This was… Read more →

AEGEE-Eindhoven Invites You to Join Them in the City of Lights for Their Network Meeting

In the last few years, the Dutch local AEGEE-Eindhoven wasn’t very active at the European level, but the new board decided to make a change and discover AEGEE beyond their own city again. Last November, they already organised a European event for their 25th anniversary, and now they got selected to host one of the upcoming Spring Network Meetings (NWM).… Read more →

A Dutch-Deutsch AdvenTSUre Vol. II: TSU AEGEE-Köln and AEGEE-Eindhoven

If people start thinking about travelling there is always a question that comes to our mind: which is the best way to travel? This Summer University gave us opportunities to try several different types of travelling. Arriving in Eindhoven was easy, we got picked up by organisers who drove us to the scouting place that would be our home for… Read more →

Summer University back in 1994

Imagine going to a Summer University (SU) 18 years ago… How would that have been? Which part of Europe would be less discovered then? And how would you find out about SU’s, if back then internet didn’t really exist? Together with Summer University 25 Booklet Team we asked one of AEGEE-Europe’s Honorary Members, Michiel van Hees (AEGEE-Eindhoven and AEGEE-Arnhem), about… Read more →

Colour languages!

This November various AEGEE locals all over Europe were celebrating the annual European Day of Languages (EDL), giving the opportunity to the local community to taste a bit of Europe. One of those locals was AEGEE-Riga who organised their EDL “Colour languages” already the 11th year in a row. For the first time they went out of the usual school classes… Read more →

SU Story: Cycling below the rivers, above sea level

On T-shirts of this Travelling Summer University (TSU) we put bullets on the back which say: 1 summer, 5 cities, 25 bikes, 150 km of cycling and unlimited fun. Most of these turned out accurate, especially the fun part, but apparently we have cycled more than 200 km and saw dozens of additional villages and small towns in the South Netherlands. It… Read more →

Relationships beyond borders

It is no secret that AEGEE is a very good place where to meet not only your future best friends, colleagues and simply great people, but even your future spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. There are loads of stories about happy marriages between AEGEE members from the same and even different countries. But how does it work to have long-distance relationships… Read more →