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Gunnar Erth: AEGEE Needs Ideas, Inspiration and Skills to Put Ideas into Practice!

I’m sure that attending your first statutory event, especially Agora, was a great experience, but at the same time quite a shock; seeing 700 to 1000 AEGEEans gathered for the general assembly of our association, meeting your friends from all over Europe and of course making new ones...

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Teresa Carene Kiambu for Financial Director: “Little by little my desire to become Financial Director increases”

Being the Financial Director for AEGEE-Europe is not something that everybody wants, unfortunately. But the ones that do want are extremely motivated. We have Teresa Carene Kiambu from AEGEE-Udine as a candidate for this position, and below you can find her motivation for becoming the next Financia...

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Behind the Doors of Rue du Noyer 55 – Pablo’s view

Somewhere in Brussels, near the European Commission, you can find a house that looks just like most other houses in the city from the outside, but contains a lot of rooms, people and ideas on the inside...

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The Relations Between AEGEE and the University

AEGEE is a student association which often receives some help from the universities...

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30 Years of Success and Developement – AEGEE 30th Anniversary

This year is a very important one for AEGEE. Of course every one is important in it’s own way, but in 2015, AEGEE celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary. It was celebrated in almost every local, everywhere in its own way...

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Meet the AEGEE Forum, the Online Space for Discussion, Communication and Feedback

One of the plans of the Comité Directeur 2014 – 2015 was to bring the forum back to AEGEE as a means of communication and platform for discussion. We spoke to Ivan Bielik, Human Resources Director, about this potential new place-to-be in the world of AEGEE!

meansThe AEGEEan: To start at the beginning:...

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AEGEE Goes to Scotland with a New Contact in Aberdeen

Recently more and more contacts have been set up in the United Kingdom. After Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne already joined the AEGEE family, it was announced in February that there was another addition in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland...

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Bringing Europtimism to the United Kingdom with a new contact in Manchester

After several new contacts in Russia and Belgium, on the 19th of December it was announced that AEGEE-Europe is also expanding to England with a new contact in Manchester. The AEGEEan spoke to Pablo Palazón, member of AEGEE-Alicante, to find out more about the newest contact!

Pablo Palazón

Pablo P...

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Back to Belgium with a new Contact in Louvain-la-Neuve!

Although the Comité Directeur Head Office is situated in Belgium, Brussels to be precise, until recently the country had only two AEGEE antenna, namely AEGEE-Brussel/Bruxelles and AEGEE-Leuven. On the 28th of November this changed, when a new contact in Louvain-la-Neuve was announced...

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Further exploring Russia with the newest Contact in Yaroslavl

After Contacts in Tyumen and Yekaterinburg were added to the Network, on the 28th of November yet another contact in Russia was announced: Yaroslavl. The AEGEEan spoke to Evgenii Potapov to find out more about the newest addition to the Network!

Evgenii found out about AEGEE-Europe through a very go...

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