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ACTive Local of the Month of November “For a Strong and Still Growing Network, the Most Important Thing Is Having People Who Believe in the Ideas behind the Organisation”.

Last November, AEGEE-Kraków organised 2 workshops: Social Engineering and “Soft skills – key to success”. It was directly connected with the Youth Employment Focus Area (Objective 1). For this reason, they were chosen as the ACTive Local of the Month. We spoke to Karolina Lapczyk, President of  AEGEE-Kraków, to find out more!   ACT: Which emotions did you have when… Read more →

Gabriela Szyszka, Member of the Month of December: “My Parents and My Family Support Me in My Activities”

In AEGEE-Kraków you can meet Gabriela Szyszka, nominated as Member of the Month of December. She is very versatile: she was PR in her first AEGEE event and, after less than one year, HR in the “Language Conversation” project. She has been also an organiser in a TSU in collaboration with AEGEE-Budapest. But she worked really hard for the last NYE, also opening… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Kraków: “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Awesome!”

Another local being very ACTive in the past months is AEGEE-Kraków, which organised a Regional Training Course (RTC) about start-ups and investing. We spoke to Mateusz Gierczak, President of the local and Coordinator of the RTC, to find out more about what this Polish local did, does and will do!  Can you tell us a bit more about your local?… Read more →

Eastern Partnership Convention in Kraków: “Bringing attention to the region helps to get more recognition and support.”

From the 20th to the 24th of May, AEGEE-Kraków in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Project of AEGEE-Europe (EaP) will organise a convention on the Eastern Partnership in the city of Kraków, Poland. The convention will host 23 people from all around Europe and will tackle issues such as European integration and the international relations with the countries from the… Read more →

Aleksandra Kluczka for President: “AEGEE of My Dreams Is an Organisation With Strong Human Resources and Learning Opportunities”

Aleksandra Kluczka, but you can also call her Ola, is the Current Vice President & External Relations Director of AEGEE-Europe, originally from AEGEE-Kraków. 24-year old youth activist, with a passion for Europe, civic participation and gender equality, Aleksandra aims to empower the Association and to unleash the potential in its members. She is the sole candidate for President of AEGEE-Europe… Read more →

AEGEE-Dresden founder Jorge Sánchez Hernández: “The most valuable thing that AEGEE has given me is all the amazing people I have met on the way”

During the Autumn Agora in Cagliari, Jorge Sánchez Hernández took the stage to present AEGEE-Dresden, which was at that moment still a contact. After his speech however, he signed the Convention d’Adhesion, transforming his contact into a contact antenna. Looking at the endless amounts of time, work and motivation he put into re-founding a local in Dresden, The AEGEEan thought… Read more →

Summer University Think different: Get out of your comfort zone!

Everyone returned home, feeling eventually relaxed after two crazy-rushy-hasty-HAPPY weeks, but at the same time, reluctant even to upload photos, not talking about writing stories of the week. But how different it was just a week ago! Each morning started with some person (sometimes you did not even know who he or she was) bursting into your room saying some… Read more →

“The sky’s the limit”: AEGEE-Kraków on organising several successful events

The AEGEEan has been interviewing several locals throughout the year for theirs outstanding achievements. Some of them have organised big events, like Statutory Events or European schools. Others have been rather small locals in the Network who have made big accomplishments. However, there are other locals which have been regularly organising both local and European events throughout the year and… Read more →