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Discrimination0: a Successful Cooperation between AEGEE-Dresden, AEGEE-Lviv and AEGEE-Moskva

“Discrimination0”, the project organised by AEGEE-Lviv, AEGEE-Dresden and AEGEE-Moskva has already come to its end. The project consisted of two parts which took place in Ukraine and Germany in the format of youth exchange. The main goal of the event – promoting tolerance and unity for building a society free of any kind of discrimination and stereotypes.   The first part took… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of June AEGEE-Moskva “We Need to Act Together in Order to Have Visible Impact”

Last June, AEGEE-Moskva organised The Soft Skill School, where everyone could learn more about conflict management, time management, event management and public speaking.  Events were directly connected to the Action Agenda. For this reason, they were chosen as the ACTive Local of the Month. We spoke to Ekaterina Popova, the main coordinator of The Soft Skill School, to find out… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of January AEGEE-Izmir “All Locals Are Unique in Their Own Way!”

Around the beginning of the new year, AEGEE-Izmir organised a postcrossing project with their twin antennae AEGEE-Moskva. Even though at the time there was political tension between the two countries, the project turned out to be a huge success, involving members of both locals in a cultural exchange. As a reward, they were chosen as the ACTive Local of the Month.… Read more →

AEGEE-Moskva: Its Mascot, Zvezdun, and Collaborations with its Twin Antenna

In AEGEE-Moskva you can find a large board, which not only organises very interesting and original events during the year, but also is full of energy in order to carry out plans with the twin antenna, Izmir, and prepared an amazing New Year Event (NYE) in collaboration with AEGEE-Kyïv. We spoke with Maria Kochkina, 23 years old, External Relations Responsible,… Read more →

“An Agora Seldom Comes Alone”: Discover the Pre-events of Autumn Agora Kyïv 2015

From the 14th to the 18th of October, one of AEGEE’s most important events, the Autumn Agora, will be held in Kyïv and as any seasoned AEGEE member knows: an Agora seldom comes alone. The main event is always accompanied by several pre-events that are organised  especially by dedicated antennae. This years participants had the opportunity to choose from five creative… Read more →

Meet EPM Burgos Content Managers: Adrian and Nikolay

The European Planning Meeting (EPM) will officially start on the 18th of February and the topic choosen during Autumn Agora Cagliari is “Europe and Russia, view from the youth prospective”. In order to develop the topic in the best way possible, two content managers were appointed, with the help of Lavinia Manea (AEGEE-București), Content manager of EBM Lublin 2014 (European… Read more →

#CapitalCities: NYE-vent by AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Kyïv #NoPoliticsJustFriendship

From the 29th of December to the 8th of January, AEGEE-Kyïv and AEGEE-Moskva organized the best New Year Event (NYE) in 2014, at least for the participant. For the first time in AEGEE’s history, these two locals collaborated to prepare an awesome and hipster event for 16 participants. Among them, there were people from Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Greece,… Read more →

Celebrate the New Year with AEGEE-Kyiv and AEGEE-Moskva… two countries, two Capital Cities!

There are many things that make the upcoming “Capital Cities” event special. For the first time in a great while (or, at least, as far as we can remember!), a New Year’s Event will take place in two countries by two AEGEE locals. The lucky participants that will be selected will also have the chance to experience two different celebrations.… Read more →

The Stories Behind the The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards Best Video Nominees

Two Summer Universities, two New Years Event and one Youth Rights video are amongst the nominees for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards “Best Video” category. The AEGEEan interviewed three of the nominees about the process of creating the movies and discovered how a precious AEGEE flag was almost destroyed in the process. The AEGEEan talked with Ksenia Lupanova about the nominated… Read more →