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AEGEE-Santander Organises Again a NWM and it’s Above and Below Water

Don’t miss the chance to join AEGEE-Santander’s Network Meeting happening this spring. They are organising it for the second time and it is taking place between the 7th and the 10th of April, in their beautiful city in Spain. We talked with the president of the local, Marta Vila Cortavitarte, to give us a little information about what they are preparing for this… Read more →

Good times to improve yourself in the “yim” in Santander

Imagine all the people living in the “yim” (the organizers’ way of pronouncing “gym”), sharing life in harmony and providing a balanced place to start improving ourselves. Extraordinary Me: SU Santander started on the 17th of July, although for all participants arriving a day earlier, the organizers provided accommodation and all the help needed. After the first ice-breaking games, 23… Read more →

Marta Martínez Moro, AEGEE-Santander: “Motivating our members is the key”

Our Member of the Month award this past July went to Erika Bettin (AEGEE-Venezia), for her outstanding lead of publications such as the Key to Europe 2013/14 and The AEGEEan, and initiatives such as the Election Observation Project. However, there were other nominees in this past month that have done a great job and deserve their story featured in The… Read more →

NWM in Santander – (B)rainStorm in the Cantabrian Sea

Once again, here I am telling the world how wonderful our last Autumn Network Meeting (NWM) was because I love it when all members try to learn from other – improving their own skills as well as their antennae’s way of working. Sharing best practices between antennae, discussing common problems and different ways to solve them was the link between… Read more →

NetCom Times: Subcommissioners across the Network with passion for helping antennae

The Network Commission is a team full of people that several AEGEEans know due to all the communication they have with antennae across Europe. However, the work of the NetCom would not be efficient without teams of subcommissioners and in this interview you get an insight into what it is like being a subcommie for a Network Commissioner. Alvaro Espinosa… Read more →

Introducing the host of the European School of Entrepreneurship 2012: AEGEE-Santander

The economy is not exactly good-looking in Spain these days, but no matter this fact it was chosen last week that AEGEE-Santander will be the host of the upcoming European School of Entrepreneurship this autumn. The AEGEEan had a talk with the President of AEGEE-Santander Fernando Campo about preparations to the event.  So what is the theme? The answer to… Read more →