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The 12 Mascots of AEGEE-Zaragoza

The upcoming organisers of Autumn Agora Zaragoza are infamous for their ability to steal flags and mascots. Moreover, they are also well-known for being a big antenna that has active members involved in many well-thought decisions. Even when they chose which mascot(s) should represent their city in the centre of Europe in the middle of nowhere? Ander Guerrero Ruiz who… Read more →

AEGEE offices across Europe

AEGEE is a voluntary organisation, you probably know that. What you probably also know is that the organisation is made up by different boards across Europe who have board meetings at many different locations. Traditional Some locals are so fortunate to be having offices in the university of their city.  For example AEGEE-León has a big office right next to… Read more →

AEGEE-Zaragoza on entering the Spanish Youth Council and development of their antenna

AEGEE-Zaragoza is going strong. Last time when The AEGEEan focused on this Spanish antenna was just a few months ago, when they were nominated for the best merchandise and the best flag-stealer. Since then the Network saw at the Agora Enschede that AEGEE-Zaragoza won both awards, and Pablo Ruiz, AEGEE-Zaragoza’s Public Relations (PR) Responsible entered earlier this year the board… Read more →

I like it, like it Jamón

AEGEE-Zaragoza is one of the most famous antennae in the AEGEE Network. This fame derives partly because of the highly efficient branding campaign that they have done over the past couple of years with their “I love Jamon” t-shirts and stickers.  The original idea was originated by the masterminds of AEGEE-Zaragoza. Jonathan del Castillo Gil from AEGEE-Zaragoza took the responsibility… Read more →