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Most Inspiring Local Activities Nominated for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards

Throughout the AEGEE Network inspiring local activities are being organized every year and The AEGEEan decided to honor this for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards 2014. Therefore five antennae are nominated for the “Most inspiring local activity” category. AEGEE-Warszawa is nominated for the “Don’t talk to strangers – or do” activity. The AEGEEan interviewed Izabela Rudnicka (the coordinator of the project). “I… Read more →

The AEGEEan’s Choice Award 2014: Most Creative Merchandise

It is time for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards again! From March 10th until March 31st you can let us know who are your favorites in categories such as Best Video, Most Active Working Group, Most Impressive Roll Call and, of course, Most Creative Merchandise. For the last category, The AEGEEan has found five nominees, namely: AEGEE-Bratislava, AEGEE-Bergamo, AEGEE-Warszawa, AEGEE-Zaragoza and the Comité… Read more →

Why promotion of a healthy lifestyle is essential in AEGEE

When collecting information from the Network about sportive activities across Europe The AEGEEan journalist Patricia Anthony was overwhelmed. Many antennae wrote back providing not only pictures but also lots of interesting stories on how they use physical activity for teambulding and more in their antennae.  “Sports is one of the best ways to working on your health and body. In… Read more →

Evi Topali’s ZarAgora experience: feeling the Spanish charm

Two weeks before the official opening of the Autumn Agora 2013 I had already started counting the days and looking forward to the moment of flying to Spain; waiting for the moment to see Barcelona again; waiting for something unique without knowing at the same time what to expect. Approximately one week after the official closing ceremony of Zaragoza, I… Read more →

An amazing ZarAgora organized in the center of Europe in the middle of nowhere

The ZarAgora ended some time ago but the memories of the fantastic event organized by AEGEE-Zaragoza remain with the participants that now have returned to their respective cities. There is no doubt that, despite being a peaceful Agora and a little bit flat on content for many people, many will remember ZarAgora for the great organization by AEGEE-Zaragoza and their… Read more →