Oğuzhan Ayhan for Audit Commission: “I’m a patient, hardworking and dedicated person.”

Today we introduce you to Oğuzhan Ayhan, the only candidate for the Audit Commission. He has already been Audit Commissioner since Agora Enschede. The AEGEEan asked him some questions to learn more about his plans.

The AEGEEan: Please describe yourself in three words and tell us why you chose them.
123Oğuzhan: I’m a patient, hardworking and dedicated person. I chose them because I think I have such qualities.

Why did you decide to run for a position in the Audit Commission again?
In the future I want to work in finances and working as Audit Commission gives a great experience. My first term was a short period of time and I learnt what to do and how to do so, and this time I will work for a longer time with better knowledge.

According to you, what do you think is the most important quality to be in Audit Commission and why do you have it?21740419_10155079122853237_8599438398214046687_n
I think the most important thing is financial knowledge because without that being in the Audit Commission is meaningless. I have been in the Audit Commission for about a year as a subcommissioner and a commissioner and also other than that I was treasurer of some projects so, because of these I think I have enough knowledge about finances.

If you had to choose, what would be the main point of your programme and why?
I think the most important point of my programme is maintaining a local approach with treasurers. To do so, I want to continue with subcommissioners again because as I see some treasurers are not good at English and with the help of people who can speak their language they can get the help they need more easily.

Questions from the Network

What would you rather keep and what would you rather change with respect to the current Audit Commission?
DSC_0035I want to change the communication with locals. We need to improve that to be better and to do it we need a big team and this is what I want to keep. Without a big team of Audit Commission (subcommissioners and treasurers) to do this is impossible.

How do you envision to have more understanding from locals about your technical work? Do you have some ideas in mind?
Well, we already have the Fiscal Law Database, a new Template, a new Toolkit, Podio, InterTemporal Register and 30 minutes of webinar about financial reports. In any case, I’m always open to questions.

You can read his full candidature here.


Written by Lia Touska, AEGEE-Brussel/AEGEE-Sofia