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Moldovan elections: what was at stake, what we observed, and what might happen

On the 1st of December, Moldova woke up with the results of the parliamentary elections that would decide the direction that this small landlocked country would have taken. Bordering a European Union member state (Romania) and Ukraine, Moldova faces a similar challenge as their Eastern Partnership neighbours: keeping their ties with Russia, or pushing towards Europe? Arrived in Chișinău, one could… Read more →

AEGEE-Yerevan’s AMEU – Bringing the European Union and Armenia closer

Outstanding antennae organising outstanding events – just a couple of weeks ago, AEGEE-Yerevan organised the Armenia Model European Union (AMEU) for the fourth year in a row! Armenia is one of the countries from the Eastern Partnership (EaP) that aims to strengthen the cooperation with the EU within the next few years, so organising a MEU, with more than 140 members… Read more →

AEGEE-Lviv goes to Aachen!

Between 7th and 12th of March the members of AEGEE-Lviv visited AEGEE-Aachen. Along with being a cultural exchange event, it was also held within the framework of Eastern Partnership Project. Fellow members got to spend a few days filled with activities aimed at discovering the German culture and exploring the charming city Aachen and it’s surroundings. Next to that, members… Read more →

Events Committee Competition Winner Encourages to Organise as Many Exchanges as Possible

Recently we published the article giving you an insight into the story behind 2nd place winner of the Events Committee’s (EvC) Facebook competition. Now it is time to reveal the winner which includes not only AEGEE-Oviedo but also AEGEE-Yerevan and the Eastern Partnership Project Team. The Peace Building in Europe took place in Gijón last year, and the EvC’s competition… Read more →

Secret Travels and Smuggling

AEGEE- Utrecht has its very own local event committee: MestadCie (which translates to something like ‘my own little city’), which regularly organises local events that are not only fun, but also often have a deeper meaning behind them.   Maartje Natrop, President of the Mestadcie: “In this way, we keep members of our antenna entertained but also inform them about… Read more →

AEGEE – with a Heart for Georgia

“Such initiatives once again prove that AEGEE is not only about voting, candidates, and committees, but about people connected with each other and helping on a distance of thousands of kilometers.” This is what Olga Iatsyna, former Network Commissioner, wrote on her Facebook profile. We never thought otherwise! The members of AEGEE-Poznań united their enthusiasm and willingness to promote the cultures… Read more →