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Claudio Gennaro for SUCT: “A Day Spent Listening to the Story of a Refugee or a Young Entrepreneur Counts more than a Day Spent at the Beach”

Even if you are not from AEGEE-Cagliari, you might have already come across the name ‘Claudio Gennaro’; albeit from either policy proposals or one of the handful of Summer Universities that he already organised. With his involvement in a lot of SUs, it comes to no surprise that he is now running for the highest organ coordinating them. The AEGEEan:… Read more →

Réka Salamon, Presidential Candidate: “The President Can Influence the Direction of the CD Not to Forget About its Most Important Task: Supporting the Network”

You might have recognised Réka Salamon from AEGEE’s website where she is already in the team page as Vice-President and Project Director. She decided to take it one step further, using all her previously acquired knowledge in several teams and projects to take the next step and run for President of AEGEE-Europe. Her journey started in 2011 in AEGEE-Debrecen, where she… Read more →

Aleksandra Mojsova for Network Commission: “First Thing about a NetCommie is the Availability for His/Her Antennae”

During Spring Agora Bergamo, we will also vote to elect five members of the Network Commission and one of the candidates is Aleksandra Mojsova from AEGEE-Skopje. She is currently a SubCommissioner for Jovana Trajkovic and Assistant Coordinator of the Youth Activism and Youth Policies Programme of YouthCan. Now the 23-year-old Macedonian feels ready to cover a position on the European level. The AEGEEan:… Read more →