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AEGEE Election Observation: Ready for New Challenges

The beginning of the AEGEE Election Observation project dates back to Agora Zaragoza when Project Manager Thomas Leszke (AEGEE-Köln) and former member Alin-Florin Calin (AEGEE-Manchester) organised a meeting to reestablish the Election Observation in AEGEE. They were joined by a group of interested people who established the first team, working already before the ratification in Autumn Agora Cagliari. In almost four… Read more →

Workshop and Progress Meeting III: Network Update, Democracy in AEGEE and Backbone of AEGEE

Spring Agora Bergamo 2016 is one week away, and last-minute preparations are in progress. The Agora Booklet has been released, and Progress Meetings are on the agenda as always. We will try to look a little bit closer on the Progress Meetings, that are taking place on the second day of the Agora.   On the afternoon of the 19th of… Read more →

AEGEEans at the #EP2014: actively involved in the overall elections process

Not so long ago the Elections Observation Project (EOP) of AEGEE, which aims at training potential election observers and creating a sufficient capacity within AEGEE for international election observation missions, brought forward the initiative to be more involved in the recent European Parliament elections besides voting. This involvement in the elections got translated in becoming a volunteer, member of the… Read more →