Workshop and Progress Meeting III: Network Update, Democracy in AEGEE and Backbone of AEGEE

Spring Agora Bergamo 2016 is one week away, and last-minute preparations are in progress. The Agora Booklet has been released, and Progress Meetings are on the agenda as always. We will try to look a little bit closer on the Progress Meetings, that are taking place on the second day of the Agora.


On the afternoon of the 19th of May, from 16.15 to the 17.45, three Progress Meetings will take place: regarding the network update, democracy in AEGEE and the thematic backbone of AEGEE.

Network Update will be a progress meeting, that will be held by Maryana Semenyak, member of the Comité Directeur, and by the Network Commission. Like at every Agora, the ones present will be informed about the Network Status Changes, the motivations regarding the decision of downgrade or deletion and all the actions taken to support the Antennae and/or the Contact Antennae. A representative of the Contact Antennae or the Antennae will have the opportunity to be heard and share their point of view. Each case is individual and every one will be presented to the audience. If an objection will be arisen, the simple majority has to ratify the downgrade or deletion of the Antennae or Contact Antennae.12032167_760189067441598_8893258236915830052_n

At the same time, the progress meeting about Democracy in AEGEE will have Thomas Leszke from Election Observation Project as a moderator. According to Statutes, Article 2, AEGEE strives “for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe”. We can all agree, that Europe is diverse and it’s borderless, but  we are still wondering and debating all the time regarding the democracy. For this reason, The Election Observation Project invites the participants of the Agora to reflect on the democratic practices in AEGEE and search for different approaches to improve the standards.

The last progress meeting on the 19th will be on The Thematic Backbone of AEGEE. Over the last years, the association has developed a lot of projects and thematic work, that had an impact on the society that we live in and also has been “raising active and aware citizens”. The learning and development opportunities, that AEGEE has to offer everyone, are endless, and by participating in this session you can learn about it and also about the improvements, that you can make in your community as an AEGEE member.

Here you can find the Workshops and Progress Meetings booklet.


Written by Raluca Radu, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca