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Ukraine’s European Integration

“The European Union is a political and economical union of 28 countries. EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital within the internal market, enact legislation in justice and home affairs, and maintain common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries, and regional development. Within the Schengen Area, passport controls have been abolished.” (Wikipedia) Member states… Read more →

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Hungary and the Migration Situation

The Hungarian government has recently made headlines (again) with the government announcing it is going to erect a 4m high and 176 kms long fence along the Serbian-Hungarian border, investing 23 billions Forints (Hungarian currency, approx. 75 million euros), “protecting the borders of Hungary and protecting the borders of the EU”. Denying help from masses of people fleeing their war-stricken… Read more →

Ten or More – Urging Member States to Nominate their Top Female Talents for the European Commission

Every five years, a new European Commission (EC), consisting of 28 Commissioners (one from each EU country), is elected. The current Commission’s term, presided by José Manuel Barroso from Portugal, is running until the 31st of October 2014, after which it will be time for a new term headed by Jean-Claude Juncker from Luxembourg. The President is nominated by the European… Read more →

Albania and the EU – The Truth, The Lies and The Future

Recently, on the 27th of June 2014 the Republic of Albania saw its status elevated from ‘potential candidate’ to ‘candidate country’ to join the European Union. The question whether this is something positive or negative, good or bad remains a much heated and lengthy debate between those who trust in or those who are sceptic of the European Union. However,… Read more →

Do you play fair?

Should doping be allowed? This was the question raised to the Sports Working Group members shortly after Lance Armstrong, America’s former professional road racing cyclist, confessed his use of doping to media mogul Oprah Winfrey not so long ago. The first response was not surprising: a member asking if it was a joke asking to allow doping? If you cheat, you do… Read more →