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Meet the new Juridical Commissioners

During Spring AgorAsturias, the new members of the Juridical Commission (JC) got elected, namely: Claudio Gennaro (AEGEE-Cagliari), Glòria (AEGEE-Heidelberg) and Salvatore Maraventano (AEGEE-Palermo). The AEGEEan interviewed them about their work and their aim for the upcoming term. The AEGEEan: For those who do not know you yet, can you briefly introduce yourselves? Claudio: I’m a law student in love with… Read more →

Salvatore Maraventano for Juridical Commission: “I think it is Important to Always be Present, Quick and Ready to solve Problems the Network presents”

 Next to two candidates who already have some experience as Juridical Commissioner, Salvatore Maraventano, President of AEGEE-Palermo, decided to run for Juridical Commission too. Although he hasn’t been Commissioner yet, he was SubCom already in the past year. We spoke to him to find out more about his motivation, experience and plans.  The AEGEEan: First of all, can you tell… Read more →

Glòria for Juridical Commission: “The Tasks Are as Important as the Team You Are in”

After having been Sub-commissioner (SubCom) and Commissioner of the Juridical Commission for one year, Glòria (AEGEE-Heidelberg) wasn’t finished yet and decided to run for another year as Commissioner. We spoke to her to find more about herself, her plans and motivation!  First of all, can you tell us a bit more about yourself? Glòria: I come from my beloved Barcelona, I… Read more →

Claudio Gennaro for Juridical Commission: “I’m Looking Forward to Start Another Term With Even More Motivation And Enthusiasm”

After having been in the Juridical Commission (JC) for one year already as Commissioner and before that another year as Sub-commissioner, Claudio Gennaro (AEGEE-Cagliari) was not ready to leave and decided to run for another term. We spoke to him to find out more about himself, his motivation and plans! The AEGEEan: First of all, can you tell us a… Read more →

Proposals for Dummies: Nationalities in the Juridical Commission and formally establishing Policy Officers

To prepare you for Spring Agora Patra we already wrote a series of articles under the name of Proposal for Dummies, and with Autumn Agora Cagliari coming close it’s time to do it again! This time, we decided to include the people who know the most about the proposals, namely the proposers! Read on to find more about the proposals… Read more →

The Juridical Commission is looking for a new subcommie team

The Juridical Commission (JC) is on a mission to find four new subcommissioners. The subcommissioners, chosen by Joris Veenhuis (AEGEE-Maastricht), Claudio Gennaro (AEGEE-Cagliari) and Gloria Llopart (AEGEE-Heidelberg), will help the JC performing their tasks. If you have a legal background and you want to be more active on the European Level, maybe the Juridical Commission is the place for you.… Read more →